BrandArena: Ray of hope as Nigeria's COVID-19 figures dwindle.

Monday 7 September 2020

Ray of hope as Nigeria's COVID-19 figures dwindle.

With the continuous increase in the rate of recovery from the dreaded Coronavirus, Nigeria appears to be winning the war against the pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the globe.

Data gathered from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control by P+ Measurement Services in the month of August saw Nigeria recording a total of 22,073 recoveries, the highest since the first case was announced in the country, in February this year.

In all, a total 10,857 new cases, 22,073 recoveries and 134 deaths were recorded in the month of August, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria to; 54,008 cases, 41638 recoveries and 1013 deaths as at 31st August, 2020.

P+ had reported a total of 17,457 cases, 9,819 recoveries and 289 deaths in the month of July.

Analysis from the data gathered from the NCDC shows that the highest number of recoveries were recorded during the week 1 of August, with a total of 13,072 infected patients being given a clean bill of health.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwoolu has announced the resumption of tertiary institutions in the state from September 14, 2020. This was disclosed by the Governor during the regular briefing on the state’s COVID-19 status on Saturday, August 29, 2020.

The Governor further said that the state is working towards the possible reopening of primary and secondary schools on September 21, 2020. He said they are tentatively scheduled to reopen on September 21.

"This decision is not cast in stone and is subject to review of our ongoing modeling and what procedure comes out from the Ministry of Health.” He reiterated. 


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