BrandArena: Kimberly-Clark Nigeria signs exclusive deal with MCPL to reach more consumers

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Kimberly-Clark Nigeria signs exclusive deal with MCPL to reach more consumers

Kimberly-Clark Nigeria, manufacturer of well-known brands Huggies and Kotex has embarked on a new partnership with Multipro Consumer Products Limited (MCPL), the biggest sales and distribution company in West Africa. The multinational company has signed on MCPL as their exclusive national distributor, as part of their ongoing growth plans in Nigeria and to pave the way for their products to reach more consumers in the country.

“We are committed to our investment and expansion plans in Nigeria and we’re very excited about where we are heading,” says Ehab Abou-Oaf, VP of Middle East and Africa at Kimberly-Clark, “we have been hard at work for some time now to strengthen our presence in the Nigerian market and be part of the country’s dynamic and fast-growing economy. A big part of our ambitions is to establish faster, better and closer routes to our consumers and we firmly believe that MCPL, with their far-ranging presence and decades of experience, are the right partners to help us achieve that nationwide.”

"We are proud to join forces with yet another global leading manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark Corporation – combining our large consumer base, deep understanding of Nigeria’s consumer goods market and extensive distribution network with their unparalleled personal care business expertise. Together, we will be elevating and redefining the personal hygiene usage and experience for the Nigerian consumer,” says Deepak Singhal, CEO of the Consumer Business for Tolaram Group.

This partnership represents one of the core pillars of Kimberly-Clark’s long-term strategy in Nigeria of contributing towards the growth of the economy through increased local manufacturing and distribution of products to consumers across the country. In 2019, Kimberly-Clark Nigeria announced its plans to build a world-class manufacturing facility in Ikorodu. The mill, which will begin operations during the first half of 2021, also forms part of their accelerated growth plans in the country which include increased investments in the manufacturing sector and job creation in the Ikorodu community and beyond.
“Our partnership with MCPL will not only allow us to benefit from a stronger distribution network across the country,” says Abou-Oaf, “it is a culmination of our ongoing plans to accelerate our investments behind our brands and to build our capabilities so we can serve consumers better.”
The new operating model would mean that sales roles that were carried out by K-C employees will now move to MCPL. “Both K-C and MCPL are committed to see most of the people in the current roles move into the new MCPL division that will support the K-C operations but regrettably we know this might not be possible for everyone impacted or not all may choose to make the move,” says Abou Oaf. “This change will be handled with all the care and respect towards everyone impacted in line with K-C’s principles and values,” Abou-Oaf adds.

Kimberly-Clark and its trusted brands, including Huggies and Kotex, are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. We are committed to the markets in Nigeria and to ensure we continue delivering essential products to our consumers.


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