BrandArena: VFD Microfinance Bank unveils "V by VFD"

Wednesday 11 March 2020

VFD Microfinance Bank unveils "V by VFD"

VFD Microfinance Bank today unveils its flagship product called V, Nigeria’s first truly virtual bank. This is a fully digital one-stop platform offering more to the banked and unbanked Nigerian users. This is coming at a time when consumers are groaning under the burden of high maintenance fees, bank related charges and other regulatory demands which banks pass unto the end users of the financial sector.

V is closing the gap which hitherto existed between established traditional banks and their customers. Experts behind V are taking a consumer-centric approach with an aggressive feedback collection mechanism to build an app that meets the objectives of the customer. Included in the development is a quarterly release update process led strictly by consumers needs and experience.

Early wins

Early adopters of V are impressed with the product in that it enables a stress-free banking interaction as well as allowance for flexible investment plan and financial discipline. A great number of users applaud the platform given to Small and Medium Enterprises as well as the retail customers.

Speaking on the unveiling, Azubike Emodi, MD/CEO, VFD Microfinance Bank, stated “We believe the banking customers should have better oversight of their account activities than what is currently obtainable; there are similar banking apps available but V is capitalizing on essential customer-centric features that are currently being ignored. One of such features is the fixed deposit option directly on V which empowers users to make key investment choice. At the heart of what we do is the customer, hence, we ensured V is built around the users. As new features are added and released every quarter, this roll out plan incorporates consumer feedback into every release.”

Furthermore, V allows the user to monitor expenses and income, categorize budgets, and set spending limits. V is available to download by searching for “V by VFD” on App store and Google Play store.

Another landmark feature of V is referral functionality (Veelage), which is also connected to monthly financial reward, this wealth building aspect of V is driven by your power of influence and ability to hustle. The Veelage referral community allows interested users of V to earn income and advance though the V community simply by getting a specified number of account holders signed up with a unique ID and maintaining an average balance. Speaking on this remarkable feature, Olukunle Salami, Business Performance Manager, VFD Group Plc noted this as a novel approach to marketing. It is a 2-way value proposition that ensures individuals can earn consistently for several months beyond the initial referral point.

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