BrandArena: HP and Nigerian authorities collaborate to Disrupt Dozens of Counterfeit Retail Operations

Thursday 26 March 2020

HP and Nigerian authorities collaborate to Disrupt Dozens of Counterfeit Retail Operations

…seize thousands of counterfeit HP printer cartridges

HP and Nigerian authorities have successfully obstructed over 20 illicit trading operations for fraudulent HP printer cartridges across the country.

Between September and October 2019, Nigerian authorities raided around two dozen illicit trading operations in Lagos, Niger and Plateau. As a result of the action, law enforcement personnel were able to confiscate approximately 25,000 counterfeit products from retail outlets and storage facilities, removing them from the Nigerian market.

Counterfeiting is a crime. For users, such illegal imitations can cause a multitude of problems that can cause performance and reliability issues. Should your printer break because of using counterfeit printer ink or toner, you could also have issues with your manufacturer’s warranty becoming not applicable.

In contrast, original HP products are designed to meet HP’s strict quality and reliability standards, based on a long history of inventing and testing. Original HP LaserJet and HP inkjet cartridges, unlike counterfeits, benefit from outstanding performance and consistent results.

Across EMEA over the last five years, approximately 12 million counterfeits and components have been seized by local authorities, supported by HP. HP has conducted over 4,500 audits and inspections (CPPAs and CDIs) of partners’ stocks or suspicious deliveries for customers.

Through HP’s Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) Programme, the company actively educates its customers and partners to be vigilant against fake printing supplies. It also cooperates closely with local and global law enforcement authorities to detect and dismantle illegal operations that produce counterfeit HP printing components.

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