BrandArena: Standard Chartered and Educare partner towards revamping and empowering the education sector

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Standard Chartered and Educare partner towards revamping and empowering the education sector

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited entered into a unique partnership with Educare Technology Solutions Limited and have together developed a unique educational solution called SC EduEdge.

The 3-years alliance with Educare, an industry leader in school administration software, positions the Bank as an industry leader connecting with a wider network of prospects as it offers a compelling value proposition to educational institutions (Primary & Secondary) in strategic locations across the country including Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

This initiative was developed by the Business Banking segment of the Bank’s Retail Banking arm with a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to providing relevant banking solutions to meet the business needs of existing and prospective clients.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ben Dike, Business Banking said, "We are very excited about this new partnership and the potential benefits it brings to the children of our existing and prospective clients and also to all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem including schools, employees, parents and guardians. This is a 360-degree proposition that provides tangible value to the educational sector, a sector that is crucial in the development of the country’s future leaders. For us at the Bank, this ties in closely with our priority to be the best financial advisers to our clients; it reiterates our commitment to developing countries where we have footprint and serves as one of the many ways we are Here for good."

Some of the current unique offerings to clients under SC EduEdge include a dedicated school account with fee waivers (zero Account Maintenance and local transfers fees); an opportunity for students to participate in the 2020 Liverpool Football Club (LFC) Youth Cup tournament, with the winning school team traveling to Anfield, United Kingdom to watch a live LFC match (all-expense paid); participation in the Bank’s newly developed SCB Reward for A’s programme (credit of $1 for every A scored by each student, with funds kept in a dedicated account for the pupils/students) and the Bank’s Annual Reward for A’s Scholarship ($1,000 education grant through a draw for students with a minimum of 7 A’s for the session – eligible for SSS 3) open to children of accountholders with the Bank.

Alex Onyia, CEO, Educare added ‘’As the best school management system in Nigeria, and a specialist in edutech industry, we are delighted to partner with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) who have a complimentary/International specialist practice in Banking and are also committed to supporting education around the globe.

"The outcome for this Strategic Partnership (educare-SCB, edu-edge) will grant our customers/partner schools the ability to have the best and most flexible school management portal to run their schools swiftly at a reduced cost. In addition to that, our customers/partner schools will be able to participate in the National Robotics Competition and this year's Liverpool Inter-school football competition which sees the winner school to an all-expense paid trip to Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Other benefits of SC Eduedge include access to personal loans, mortgage loans, Salary advance (personal overdraft), Credit Card offering to school owners and employees and also School Fees Loans and Credit Card offerings to parents/ guardians.

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