BrandArena: agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria to explore free trade, plastics industry, global packaging standards, food safety, finance & digitalization

Monday 24 February 2020

agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria to explore free trade, plastics industry, global packaging standards, food safety, finance & digitalization

…conference to hold between 24th-26th March 2020

The 6th agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria 2020 is set to feature over 120 global technology leaders from 29 countries, who will showcase adapted technologies and solutions for the Nigerian market in the fields of agriculture, food processing, ingredients, plastics, printing and packaging.

The exhibition is complemented by a top level 3-day conference featuring more than 40 Nigerian and European experts who will discuss and examine topics include free trade, global packaging standards, food safety, finance, digitization and much more. Organised by the German trade show specialists fairtrade the event is scheduled for 24 to 26 March 2020 at the Landmark Centre on Lagos Victoria Island Annex.

According to the company, the agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria will feature 120+ global leaders from 29 countries, 2,000+ trade visitors from around 30 countries and Six official country pavilions from China, Flanders/Belgium, Germany, Italy, Jordan and Kuwait are also expected to be in attendance. The agrofood & plastprintpack holds strong institutional support from organizations and associations such as the Delegation of the European Union to Nigeria and ECOWAS, access Bank, AHK Nigeria, Flanders State of the Art, German Ministry for Economic Affairs, IOPN, Jordan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait Public Authority for Industry, NABG, NAFDAC, NIFST and of the German Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association VDMA.

agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria 2020 will again be supplemented by a 3-day program full of presentations and panel discussions, organised jointly by fairtrade, Engiccs and AHK Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria. More than 40 Nigerian and European experts will discuss issues such the Nigerian agrofood & plastprintpack industries in times of Free Trade, Outlook of the plastics and packaging industry in Nigeria, the need for adopting global packaging standards, enforcing food safety to promote export, financing opportunities for agro-tech start-ups and many more, see full program.

fairtrade was founded by Martin März in 1991. Since long, fairtrade ranks among the leading organisers of professional international trade fairs in emerging markets, especially in North and sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

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