BrandArena: Top Marketing Professionals Lead MarketingEdge Fireside Conversation

Monday 6 January 2020

Top Marketing Professionals Lead MarketingEdge Fireside Conversation

Poised to radically and strategically positioned for continued market leadership and dominance, MarketingEdge, an avant-garde marketing and advertising ,all colour gloss monthly publication has concluded plans to hold a one -day intensive fire side conversation with notable industry gurus already signed on for attendance.

The conversation themed; Predicting Your Future by Creating It' will hold 8th January 2020 as the publication's launching pad into the new year that has equally heralded a new decade.
Billed to lead conversation on varieties of industry related issues and topics are Messers Boye Adefila, Managing Director, Down to Earth Marketing; Charles O'Tudor, Managing Director, Adstrat Solutions Company; Femi Adelusi, Managing Director, Brand Eye and Ozone Mbanefo, Provost/CEO, O2 ACADEMY.

Dropping the hint weekend, Publisher|CEO, MarketingEdge,Mr John Ajayi said in a statement that the decision to organise the conversation,which is solely for the employees of the company and its internal publics was informed by the need to fire  up the creative and innovative instincts of its entire work force as the media group repositions for a more robust and radical brand journalism practice in Nigeria like never before.

Specifically,Ajayi stated that the dawn of a new decade is not been taking as a mere happenstance by the media company,rather,he said'we have long envisaged this decade as a renewal and a re-engagement epoch for something more fundamentally different,epochal and  innovative in all aspects and ramifications."The publisher who noted that though most nations and corporations have embarked upon hallucinatory expectations and aspirations for the year 2020,'we at MarketingEdge have  rather than creating an illusion for unattainable heights have instead chosen the dawn of the decade to predict our future by creating it'.

Speaking further, he said the new decade and indeed the new year will begin to witness more value additions and outstanding product offerings from the multi media channel platforms of MarketingEdge. These platforms include; MarketingEdge Publications; MarketingEdge on TV, MarketingEdge Online, Daily Newsletter and the latest innovative News headlines on LED billboards. All of these, Ajayi reckoned are aimed at promoting the brand idea  while expanding the frontiers of Marketing and advertising platforms in a manner that has never been witnessed before in contemporary brand journalism landscape.

"Our cardinal goal this year is to beat ourselves to our own game if you like. We want to disrupt the market so that we can reset the rules, this has made a fireside conversation inevitable,"disclosed the Publisher with a mischievious smile playing on his lips.

He hinted also that the conversation specifically targets the company's workforce because they represent the industry frontier force and foot-soldiers,hence the neccesity to imbue in them the immense capabilities and multiple competencies to engage and tackle the market battles ahead. Similarly, he said the forum will enable the staffers share market insights with the invited industry gurus while creating another form of bonding and interaction between the group and its stakeholders.

He enjoined industry players to channel their feedbacks and expectations to the media organisation such that will further promote and boost the businness of brand management and the management of brand businness in Nigeria. He also commended its teeming readers,subscribers and viewers as well as advertisers and patrons for their continued loyalty, patronage and support over the years,noting that much more is expected from them in the new year of a new decade.

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