BrandArena: Domino’s Smallie Pizza is back all day, Every day!

Thursday 16 January 2020

Domino’s Smallie Pizza is back all day, Every day!

 Just last year, Domino’s Pizza Nigeria blew our minds with the introduction of a new Smallie Pizza range. For the first time ever, Nigerians were able to purchase 6 inches of delicious, cheesy heaven, to be enjoyed with a perfectly chilled bottle of coke, all for “shikini money.” Revolutionary!

You may not have heard, but Naija’s favourite Smallie pizza is BACK & available all day, round the clock across all Domino’s Pizza outlets to serve your cravings. We are even more excited about this because they have added two new flavours to the Smallie range- Beeife Suya & Chicky-pie. This is the perfect lunch going forward

We are sure you saw how Domino’s Pizza took Lekki toll gate by storm, by sharing their hot, freshly baked Smallies with a bottle of Coke, FREE OF CHARGE to some lucky commuters, helping to ease the pain and frustration of the rush hour traffic! What an exciting way to announce the reintroduction of your Smallie Pizzas!

If you missed yesterday’s fun, don’t worry; Domino’s Pizza will be storming neighborhoods all over Lagos, on the 16th and next week, and surprising you with free boxes of Smallie Pizzas just to let you know that your favourite Smallie pizza is back. Let us know if you’re one of the lucky ones!!

We’ve all had those days when we didn’t feel like sharing our favourite treats (lol), the Smallie pizza gives us all the perfect excuse to gobble up a whole pizza on our own. You can now purchase all the original 6 flavours every day of the week in all stores nationwide.

Yes, you heard that right! The NEW Beefie Suya & Chicky-Pie, with Fiery Suya, Sweet Margie, Smokie Sausage, Meatie-Pie are all back to exhilarate our taste buds and our wallets!

If you are like me, the closest Domino’s Pizza outlet will be your next stop. Oh, you can also place your order on and follow any social media handles to join the conversation.  

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