BrandArena: 9 year old, Grace Busari, launches a new brand to Help Homeless Children in Nigeria

Wednesday 18 December 2019

9 year old, Grace Busari, launches a new brand to Help Homeless Children in Nigeria

With the festive season upon us, Grace Busari, a 9-year-old Kidprenuer, who is part of a new generation of young people with big ideas that can drive social change, has launched a social enterprise to renew joy and hope in the hearts of homeless children in Nigeria.

Grace Teddies, which was launched to mark Grace’s 9th birthday, showcases a range of cultural teddy bears she created to help raise funds for homeless children on the streets of Nigeria. The teddy bears, which are made in different designs of Ankara and other African fabrics such as adire,  will be sold and part of the proceeds made will be used to cater to and support the homeless children on the streets of Lagos.

Grace, the daughter of CNN Nigeria bureau head Stephanie Busari, explained what led her to start the brand. She said: “When I was 5, I moved to Nigeria with my mum. I cried when I saw children that should be in school or at home with their parents, begging on the streets. I always begged my mum to give them money. I have been thinking of how to help them and now I believe I have a chance to. As I turn 9, I am so happy to announce the launch of my foundation and the #GraceTeddies brand. With this brand, I will be creating and selling teddy bears, and helping to support the children on the streets.”

The 9-year-old recently celebrated her birthday with the children of the Dreamcatchers foundation in Ikorodu. They partied with Grace and her friends, eating cake and teaching them special dances moves at the birthday party. This foundation will be among the beneficiaries of the funds raised through Grace Teddies.

She urges Nigerians to give the children on the street a chance to be regular children and enjoy their childhood especially with Christmas around the corner, by supporting #GraceTeddies and its cause.

Follow Grace Teddies on Instagram to find out how to buy a teddy and support this incredible cause. 

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