BrandArena: FBNQuest Merchant Bank Shares Insights to Generational Wealth Transfer at its Wealth Management Customer Forum

Friday 8 November 2019

FBNQuest Merchant Bank Shares Insights to Generational Wealth Transfer at its Wealth Management Customer Forum

FBNQuest Merchant Bank, the investment banking and asset management business of FBN Holdings Plc, recently hosted its clients to a Wealth Management Customer Forum, facilitated to share in-depth analysis of the impact of long term wealth preservation and inter-generational wealth transfer.

The Forum, themed ‘Our Customers, Our Strength’ focused on three key topics- ‘Health is Wealth’ presented by Consultant Nephrologist, St. Nicholas Hospital Dr. Ebun Bamgboye; ‘Benefits of Generational Wealth Transfer’ delivered by Head Private Trust FBNQuest Trustees Mofoluke Keshinro; and ‘Trends & Opportunities in the Global & Local Economy’ by Head Macroeconomic and Fixed Income Research FBNQuest Capital, Gregory Kronsten.

On generational wealth transfer, the forum highlighted some of the challenges individuals and businesses encounter, due to lack of a proper estate plan. According to FBNQuest Trustees, insights have revealed that globally, only 30% of all family-owned businesses survive into the second generation and only 12% make it to the third generation. It further explained that 72% of family businesses have no formal business continuity plans and only 7% have hired professionals to help deal with family relationship issues involved in planning for the continuation of the business. The forum also advised on the importance of securing your wealth through the services of professional financial institutions to guarantee successive generational wealth transfer and stable investment growth.

Speaking at the forum, Kayode Akinkugbe, Managing Director/CEO, FBNQuest Merchant Bank, reaffirmed the position of the bank to help customers build more long-term and strong investment portfolios through structured wealth management services. “We work with our clients to provide tailored investments solutions to help build, sustain and transfer wealth across generations. Over the years, we have actively partnered with both individual and institutional clients to grow financial assets and investment portfolios in line with varying wealth management objectives. We ensure that we seek investments that are safe, liquid and profitable for long term sustainability”.

Debbie Irabor, Head, Wealth Management at FBNQuest Merchant Bank, also stated that “the inheritors of a generational wealth transfer must maintain a more global outlook, in ways not only to preserve wealth but investment opportunities to maximise such wealth. This is why we ensure that our wealth management products and advisory services are specifically tailored, as we journey alongside our clients. This customer forum is also for us to engage, get customer feedback, strengthen our relationships, innovate and continue to provide clients with the best solutions required to manage their wealth.

The session also emphasised on the need for individuals to maintain healthy lifestyle habits as a key contributing factor to managing wealth while also highlighting some of the most common health challenges faced in our communities. The FBNQuest Merchant Bank Wealth Management Forum is designed to appreciate the organisation’s customers and educate them on the importance of Wealth Preservation and Wealth Transfer

FBNQuest Merchant Bank Limited is the investment banking and asset management business of FBN Holdings Plc, one of the strongest and most dependable financial groups in Africa. We are innovative and client-focused, with strong industry and execution expertise to serve our diverse client base of high net-worth individuals, institutions, corporations and governments across a wide range of services.

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