BrandArena: DHL Express launches live chat to improve convenience and response times

Wednesday 20 November 2019

DHL Express launches live chat to improve convenience and response times

As part of DHL Express’ commitment to innovation, the company launched a unique Multi-Channel Tool (MCT) that allows customers to interact with DHL Express via live chat and specialised email services.

Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa, says customers benefit from quicker response times and by interacting with the company with the channels that are most convenient to them. The deployment of MCT is a great step towards our goal on continuously improving our customers’ experience. 

“A recent CMO study found that 85% of respondents expect a seamless omni-channel service from companies, where they can interact using their preferred channel. This tool offers just that, and provides personalized service in real time that eliminates long waiting times and potential frustration.”

He explains that customers can use the live chat option on a mobile device or on the DHL Express website and receive assistance with self-help options online. “Live chat is the popular choice of many customers due to its fast response times.”

A report by Communications Technology Company (COMM100) of over 45 million chat interactions in 2018 revealed an 83% customer satisfaction rating, which highlighted the importance of including a live chat function in the tool. Another benefit of live chat is that it can eliminate the issues that come from bad connections which can cause distorted spoken messages.

For customers who would prefer to communicate via more formal channels, DHL Express’ MCT also offers a specialised email service where customers can send their queries. “The key to success is making sure that we are available at every touch point that is convenient for the customer,’ add Heymans.

The Multi-Channel Tool uses a centralised knowledge management system that offers a customer service agent desktop, web self-service, case management, and customer interaction channels such as e-mail, telephony, live chat and social media. Customer service agents also have access to processes, policies and procedures, and case studies they can use to answer queries effectively. This empowers the agents with the correct information on hand, speeding up query resolution time.

In addition, when a query is received, it is routed to an agent knowledgeable in that specific subject matter, further enhancing the customer experience.

“The central view of a customer’s interaction history allows us to answer their questions accurately and quickly, as our agents have access to all the information they require in one place,” says Heymans. “Responses to queries will be more consistent and accurate because all agents have access to the same information.

“Our customers are looking for speed, variety and convenience, not only in the way their deliveries are managed, but also in how they communicate. MCT helps drive that sense of convenience and improved time management and is an important part of our continued drive to innovate and use digital technology to improve our customer experience,” Heymans concludes.

DHL Express’ Multi Channel Tool is current available in South  Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal , Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Mauritius with plans to roll out to additional Sub Saharan Africa markets in the coming months.


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