BrandArena: Should Neflix, HBO Max, others be concern about Disney+ launch?

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Should Neflix, HBO Max, others be concern about Disney+ launch?

An epic battle is brewing in the entertainment industry.

In the next couple of months, most of the biggest media conglomerates will rolling out their own streaming services in a high-stakes effort to remain relevant by selling movies, TV programming and short-form videos directly to viewers.

The launch of WarnerMedia’s HBO Max and Comcast/NBCUniversal’s Peacock will introduce a new competition, no doubt.

Netflix has to compete for the mind and wallet share with existing competition from Amazon, Disney-backed Hulu, YouTube, CBS and short form video upstart Quibi. These rivals are increasingly adding lucrative content that used to be prime selling points for Netflix.

Disney+, the Disney-owned streaming service, launches on November 12 — and with a price of just $6.99 a month compared to Netflix’s standard $12.99 plan.

Virtually all Disney’s Marvel shows and movies will be on Disney+ instead of Netflix. Netflix, which has long relied on content it licenses from studios as well as its originals, must cope with efforts by suppliers-turned-rivals to claw back the rights to stream programmes such as The Office."

"I agree that Disney is going to win the streaming game, but not for the same reason as the author of this article. Disney will win because they have the highest value content for today’s kids, not our long-ago selves. Netflix is weak in children’s content and what they have mostly belongs to Disney anyways. And streaming accounts are a family affair. Almost every account of people I know has one children’s profile. Every kid just wants to watch Frozen or Mickey Mouse 9,000 times in one day anyways and that’s exactly what Disney+ will give them, so the parents will just use Disney+ too because it’s easier. That’s how Disney will win", Josh Miller, Process Improvement Analyst at PinnacleART, opined.

Microsoft is also working on a major new gaming service that intends to do for gaming what Netflix did for movies: Project xCloud is a new streaming service for gaming. Like Netflix, xCloud intends to deliver games via stream over the internet. No downloads, and no discs just games streamed directly to your device of choice, wherever you are.

It remain to be seen how xCloud will position itself in the highly competitive space. 

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