BrandArena: Sony to release retro Walkman to mark 40th anniversary

Monday 9 September 2019

Sony to release retro Walkman to mark 40th anniversary

Sony has unveiled a limited edition Walkman to mark the device’s 40th anniversary – and it’s a perfect blend of the old and new.

The company's new NW-A100TPS shares the same design as the 1979 cassette player, but the major difference is that this one doesn't play cassette tapes. Instead, the 16GB device plays music through Wi-Fi and Android apps.

Following the company's celebration of the invention with a retrospective exhibition in Tokyo, it has unveiled the new digital device is also able to hold thousands of songs and boasts an impressive a 26-hour battery life at the IFA 2019 Trade Show in Berlin.

Sony Walkman debut on July 1st, 1979 and has become a symbol of Sony’s challenge, filling the world with emotion through creating new music experiences.

Over its 40 years of history, Walkman has challenged to bring new ways to listen to music anywhere anytime. With each challenge, came an evolution in design.

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