BrandArena: Indomie celebrates uniqueness in the BBNaija “My Indomie My Style” Task

Saturday 14 September 2019

Indomie celebrates uniqueness in the BBNaija “My Indomie My Style” Task

Indomie Big Brother Naija brand ambassador & music producer, Don Jazzy, along with Mavin artiste & fellow entertainer, Dr Sid, visited the Big Brother Naija (BBN) house on Saturday, spending some quality time with the housemates courtesy Indomie noodles.

The visit was for the duo of music heavyweights to serve as the task masters and superintend the Indomie cooking challenge - "My Indomie My Style Task”, carried out by the BBN housemates.

The first challenge saw the housemates trying to piece together jigsaw puzzles made out of Indomie packs (Indomie Chicken Hungryman, Onion Bellefull flavour, Oriental Fried noodles, Chicken Pepper Soup & Giant Pack). Puzzle boards were set up in the games arena and housemates were all in a race against time to complete their puzzles. Ike, Khafi and Frodd were the first three to conclude the task.

On completion of the puzzle challenge, each housemate was then handed a customised by fans Indomie basket with various ingredients for them to prepare their unique style of Indomie. This task had to be carried out with only two housemates allowed in the kitchen at a time, each with 15 minutes to prepare their individual Indomie delight. Khafi and Ike went first, setting the ball rolling for an epic culinary battle.

As the housemates presented their meals to Don Jazzy for tasting, he welcomed them with a warm smile and an enthusiastic palate. Each housemate not only presented their own unique meal but also accompanied it with a fancy rap, dance and other creative additives.

Announcing the winners, Don Jazzy declared to the amazement of housemates and audiences alike that, “There is no one style that is the most unique. Everyone’s style is unique to them and so is their Indomie, so all the housemates will share five million naira.’’

According to the Indomie team, “It was a very difficult task for us because we don’t want any of the housemates to ‘chop alone’.” This announcement was well-received as the ‘Pepper Dem Gang’ burst into different dance steps in jubilation.

Ike, Frodd and Khafi who were the top three in the Indomie packs Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge also walked away with a year’s supply of Indomie and the opportunity to send a customized ingredient baskets to their family members.

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