BrandArena: London International Awards announces extension for 2019 entries until 15th July

Monday 1 July 2019

London International Awards announces extension for 2019 entries until 15th July

The London International Awards (LIA) has announced its extension of entries for the 2019 Awards until 15th July.

A statement made available on its website reads: “Increasingly, our industry has seen creativity commodified, demoted and marginalized. LIA stands for the belief that creativity is everything in the advertising, design and technology business, and we unabashedly celebrate the people who create. Let other shows and events court everyone, everything and every dollar; LIA seeks to continually be the bastion for creatives, creativity, ideas and nothing else.”

The 2019 Awards key dates are 1st October – 10th October, judging and shortlists will be announced as results come in. On 4th November, winners and finalists will be announced.

For eligibility, all work submitted must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval between 1st July 2018 and 31st July 2019. All work submitted including work into the Craft Categories (i.e. Art Direction, Illustration, etc.) must be in the exact form it was broadcast, published or released with all the logos, trademarks and copy marks intact, regardless of category or medium. Work must not be altered for submission purposes.

The shortlists will be announced as each judging session concludes. For more information on submissions and eligibility please visit

London International Awards stands as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves, and of course fantastic creative work. Created for creatives.

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