BrandArena: Cars45 moves to empower car dealers, commissions second Carsbazr franchise outlet in Lagos

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Cars45 moves to empower car dealers, commissions second Carsbazr franchise outlet in Lagos

Less than a month after opening its first franchise outlet in Lagos, Nigeria’s leading automotive trading platform, Cars45 has launched a second Carsbazr retail franchise outlet in partnership with DeFeon Autos in Lagos.

Buoyed by the desire to bring automotive services closer to the people as well as the need to deliver exceptional customer experiences to end-users, whilst fulfilling its brand promise of providing end-users with a rich variety of verified cars at affordable prices, Cars45 has been hailed for its innovative approach to the business of buying, selling and trade-in used cars in Nigeria.

Speaking at the launch of the franchise outlet, CEO, Cars45, Etop Ikpe noted that the business is committed to growth and empowering dealers within its network to grow and build great businesses as well and that the event lends credence to the growth objective.

“From day one as a business, we have always been about empowerment and growth and the launch of this franchise outlet is a clear sign that we are on the right trajectory. We are going to create more outlets via this franchise to empower car dealers and drive access to cars for end users. We are glad that those who started this journey with us to drive innovation and transform Nigeria's automotive industry are also taking this giant leap with us,” Ikpe said.

CEO DeFeon Autos, the latest franchise beneficiary, Niyi Olukitibi, noted that “leveraging the transparency that Cars45 has brought to the market via the detailed inspection reports it provides on the condition of the cars being sold, as well as the affordable pricing mechanisms in place, we would be able to replicate the model of best practices that Cars45 and Carsbazr have brought to the market. This in turn would ensure that we are able to reach more consumers and empower them to buy cars at very affordable price points.”

For those looking to obtain Carsbazr franchises, DeFeon Auto CEO says, "this model presents a win-win for both companies. A franchise beneficiary can maximize the sales and marketing machinery of a big brand and low costs output to create value for itself and make profit.”

Cars45 is partnering with financial institutions to create products that will provide vehicle financing for consumers and remove barriers to car ownership using available data. Currently on its website,, consumers can view vehicles and financing options that are available.

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