BrandArena: Nigerian Creative Scientist Cracks Controversial Stellar Code

Thursday 13 June 2019

Nigerian Creative Scientist Cracks Controversial Stellar Code

Nigerian-born creative scientist, Peter Matthew-Akukalia has recorded a milestone within the astronomic space by cracking contentious stellar code. Internationally astronomers and scientists alike have raise serious concerns on the emergence of two stars within the galaxy stud comprising a relatively cool giant and a hot dwarf.
According to this finding, they are 16, 000 light years away from the earth. (A light years is the distance light travels in a year, meaning that everything we see happening in the stars happened 16, 000 years ago.

In his thought-provoking response, Peter Akukalia stated that ‘‘the planetary code is A=Ø.  All stars are operant in the third dimension of the Universe after the Sun and the Moon. This shows that stars are solar particles that exist to create stability in nature through duality. The solar interaction process is physical and splits into bits during the nuclear process resulting to the elements hydrogen and helium.

Explaining further, he said that this shows that two key elements are involved in the energy sharing process of the star. First is the solar core and the second is the magnetic pull of the moon which creates the gravitational influence exerted.

‘‘So stars such as the AG Draconis are solar bits of energy balls that share energy under the influence of the planetary and cosmic lunar gravity. This has always occurred but was "seemingly absent". The validation of this code confirms the link between the observed quality of a star in terms of light intensity and the resultant value we get. Stars seen to be very bright have measured over 100% on the Makupedia energy scale and vice versa with occurrence on certain days’’.

While American astronomers and researchers have continued to view current cycle as being weird, Peter Akukalia pontificates that ‘‘this also shows there is a link between the cosmic energy and dates of birth. Exceptionally brilliant auroræ confirmed on this code are 24-5 October 1870 were both computed to be 100%+; 4-5 February 1872 were both measured to be 50% and 70%+ while those of January 25-26 1938 resulted to 100%+ for each. The energy for 12 November 1621 shows 53.3%’’.

‘’Remember that Hjorter in 1741 gave the first suggestion of a connection between auroræ and magnetic effects. This discovery is a breakthrough in the knowledge of cosmic energy and planetary operations’’.

Peter Akukalia further stated that the emergence of two stars in our galaxy stud is prophetic. ‘‘This satisfies Plato's quest to unravel the link between the cosmos and the human soul. Linking this to the human mind leads to the development of a new field of study known as psychoastronomy in the Makupedia Creative Sciences where I asserted the interplanetary support systems. Please study this phenomena in my book: TEMPLATE & MANIFESTO FOR THE CREATIVE ECONOMY 2: Principles of Psychoeconomix’’. He concludes.

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