BrandArena: How ‘Xtra’ can you go? The new Dominos Pizza Menu will leave you asking for more!

Wednesday 3 April 2019

How ‘Xtra’ can you go? The new Dominos Pizza Menu will leave you asking for more!

You know how there is always something exciting to look forward to from the guys at Domino’s Pizza Nigeria right? We were on our own peaking to see what’s next when we noticed the #Xtrachallenge….then we knew something big was coming!

So now, think of unstoppable layers of Xtra cheese, loads of Xtra lip smacking toppings to match every bite, Xtra sides, Xtra delight, Xtra deliciousness all packed in a box of pizza. This is what the new Domino’s Pizza Xtra menu is all about. You would definitely ‘taste the Xtra’.

This completely revamped menu, was carefully created after months of research to provide Xtra satisfaction and the best quality pizzas for customers. The Xtra menu contains four new pizza flavors and six sides you can select from.

Don’t worry, we will tell you all about each of the flavors; The Chicken Pie Pizza – This one gives you the real Naija classic taste, packed with all that extra cheese! Smoked BBQ Sausage – A Smokey barbeque flavored sausage on pizza. It gives that sweet smoked feeling in your mouth; then there is the Southern Style BBQ Chicken – we call it the Domino’s Best seller reinvented. Happiness is that sweet BBQ taste, loaded with chicken, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and sweet corn; finally, the Beef Suya – a spicy suya infused pizza for that extra spice in your life.

Not forgetting the new sides also on the Xtra menu, it includes the Suya Wings- this particularly, is a delight for all chicken lovers; that smokey taste and a spicy kick at the end from the Suya taste is simply amazing. There is also the loaded Potato Wedges, Cheesy Wedges, Double loaded Potato Wedges, Meat pie Stuffed Bread and Chicken Pie Stuffed Bread. Believe us, this new menu is truly Xtra.

Now to the best part, all pizzas will now be sold at a whopping 10% reduction in existing prices…Mind blown!

Anyway, just before we go, we also heard a new ‘Chairman’ is coming to town in a majestic black and gold Pizza box capable to serve one big family and also suitable for the ‘ogas’ who want to share with people. This one we can’t wait. We stand with a brand who listens to its customers.

The Xtra Menu is available at all Domino’s outlet nationwide. Hurry and let us know how Xtra this menu made you feel! Join the conversation on social media @Dominosng #tastetheextra

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