BrandArena: Kenyan Overall Customer Experience on The Rise in Q1, 2019

Monday, 29 April 2019

Kenyan Overall Customer Experience on The Rise in Q1, 2019

mSurvey, Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience company has released the first Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report for 2019. The report highlights Customer Experience trends in Quarter 1 2019 across 10 industries including Banking, Energy, Government facilities and Telcos just to name a few.

All industries recorded significant improvement in Customer Experience over the past quarter with government facilities making significant improvements in their customer delivery mainly owing to Huduma Centres.

Speaking on the Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report for 2019, mSurvey CEO and Co-founder Kenfield Griffith said, “Customer service was the biggest driver of Customer Experience in the Banking industry with 49% of customers attributing their score to the quality of service delivered.”

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) one of the leading commercial banks in Kenya retained their top spot in Q1 emerging as the bank with the best Customer Experience. KCB customers commended the bank for their low interest rates on loans as well as their overall customer service. They were followed closely by Equity Bank emerging as the most improved brand in the industry. Equity was appreciated by customers for their friendly transaction rates and efficiency.

Speaking further on the trends in the industry, mSurvey CEO and Co-founder Kenfield Griffith added, “The latest string of mergers and acquisitions is likely to contribute to transformation in Customer Experience in this space throughout 2019.” A trend that the company in Nigeria will be watching in view of the recent and much publicized merger between Access and Diamond Banks.

On the insurance front, the Kenyan National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) recorded the best and most improved Customer Experience in the Insurance industry; with customers who interacted with NHIF over the past 3 months sharing that they were delighted by the prompt payment of medical bills and overall customer service. Customers also cited the Affordability and wide coverage of services which gives NHIF competitive advantage over other insurers.

Customers lauded NHIF’s outpatient services as well as their reliability, particularly in public hospitals.

Results for Government facilities show that customer service, speed and level of efficiency accounted for 90% of the feedback received. Government institutions made a significant leap in Customer Experience in Q1, improving from an NPS of 13 to 35. However, despite the improvements in experience, there was a disparity in different facilities, with some offering extremely slow and poor service.

Customers reported better customer service and faster turnaround time. The improvement was largely owed to Huduma Centers – a two-way traffic center for both the Kenyan government and its citizens - performance which was commended by Kenyans for improved speed and better customer service in Q1

A key learning point this Quarter has been that customers are paramount to the growth of a business and businesses are increasingly implementing Customer Experience Programs to thrive in a competitive market. mSurvey, in addition to providing a platform for measuring Customer Experience and loyalty, aims to provide industry Net Promoter Scores (NPS) benchmarks and top brand scores to help businesses make comparisons and set improvement goals.

mSurvey has enabled businesses to understand the drivers of customer loyalty over the years, enabling them to increase their operational efficiencies and enhance their competitive advantage through product innovation. With consistent use over time, leading brands have been able to strengthen their brand equity and grow their revenues.

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