BrandArena: Cold Stone Creamery Redefines Indulgence With Their New Ice Cream Cake Creation!

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Cold Stone Creamery Redefines Indulgence With Their New Ice Cream Cake Creation!

For those who crave for something more, Cold Stone Creamery Nigeria has just the thing for you.

Famous for their rich creamy ice cream and their amazing moist ice cream cakes- a perfect two in one offer of ice cream and cakes, they might have just created the next best thing.

Petite Cakes!!

These are not just any cakes, they are your favorite signature creations combined with rich moist cakes and toppings, made into a dream cake creation.

These little bites of heaven are created from the top 5 bestselling signature creations; Founder’s Favorite, Oreo Overload, Chocolate Devotion, Mud pie Mojo and Our Strawberry Blonde.

Enjoy deliciousness in every bite with:

Oreo Overload – Seriously, you had us at Oreo. Tastes just like dipping an Oreo in milk, this cake is loaded with layers of chocolate cake & sweet cream, with a mix of fudge and chocolate chips, wrapped in better crème and sprinkled with chocolate shavings, topped with Oreos.

Founders Favorite - This classic’s a favorite of our Founders, make it your favorite, too! Made up layers of sweet cream ice cream, chocolate cake mixed with brownie and caramel, covered with ganache and topped with pecans and fudge. Guaranteed to blow your mind.

Chocolate Devotion – Created for those who need a serious chocolate fix. This divine creation is just like an island of chocolate, with layers of chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake and dark chocolate chips, covered in ganache and topped with crushed Minstrual duo.

Mud Pie Mojo – If you’ve lost your mojo, or accidentally misplaced it, order this cake ASAP. Made with layers of coffee ice cream & yellow cake, mixed with fudge, peanut butter, wrapped in better crème, topped with crushed almond and OREO cookies.

Our Strawberry Blonde -  This cake is made with layers of red velvet cake, strawberry ice cream & pie crust covered with whipped cream, topped with strawberry and coated with red velvet cake crumbs. Total awesomeness.

Always at the top of their game in bringing you exciting new creations, Cold Stone Creamery Nigeria brings indulgence at its peak with these new creations made for those who #craveforsomethingmore.

That’s not all, get a richer creamier ice cream cake experience with their new and upgraded regular sized round and rectangular ice cream cakes - Cookies & Creamery, Strawberry Passion, Pina Colada & Birthday Cake remix. New look, richer, creamier taste.

Try their petite cakes now with this special limited time offer of 2 for N7000 in all Cold Stone outlets across Nigeria.  All cakes are ready for immediate pick up.

For more on sweet creations from Cold Stone Creamery Nigeria, click this link

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