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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Weight Loss Improves Overall Health – Expert

Weight loss expert and Managing Director, Cambridge Weight Plan West Africa, Mrs. Eniola Karunwi has advised individuals who suffer from certain health conditions to consider weight loss and better weight management. This call was made at a media briefing session held in Lagos on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

Studies show that being overweight leads to imbalances in an individual’s hormones, which can affect overall health ranging from issues like infertility, to improper insulin levels, low metabolism, reduced sexual drive, irregular body temperature, abnormal sleep cycles, reduced appetites and other health related issues. Studies show that hormones are the most powerful chemical messengers in the body and balanced hormones is important for good health.

L-R: Andy Jones, Head of Export, Cambridge Weight Plan; Eniola Karunwi, CEO, Cambridge Weight Plan, West Africa and Nabila Mohammed, Consultant (Kano), Cambridge Weight Plan at the Cambridge Weight Plan press briefing held recently in Lagos.
Speaking on the importance of losing weight to ensure better health, Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge Weight Plan West Africa, Mrs. Eniola Karunwi said, “It is often said that health is wealth and that is because without good health it is difficult to function in almost every area of life. It is therefore important that we pursue activities that will enhance good health. Sadly, many people do not recognize that excess weight affects the way body organs function and instead blame it on stress and other factors. Without good health, an individual will be unhappy, spend huge amounts on treatments, and can even become depressed. An effective weight loss and management plan is needed to achieve balanced hormones and consequently, overall good health”.

“Cambridge weight plan is an effective solution to losing weight and maintaining it. Not only would it improve hormonal balance, it will also aid the proper functioning of other vital organs in the body. Following a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis and engaging in other healthy activities can go a long way towards improving an individual’s health”, Mrs. Karunwi added.

The Cambridge Weight Plan is a safe, low calorie diet plan, and an effective weight management and lifestyle plan that fosters a healthy living. The plan consists of meal replacement shakes, soups, porridges and snack bars, which contain the daily nutritional requirement, whilst rapidly helping you burn fat.

Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) is a lifestyle company that assists men and women with weight management and maintenance. Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) is committed to helping clients achieve their weight loss and weight maintenance goals through bespoke programs, tailored to suit every individual need. 

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