BrandArena: Nokia celebrates 30th commercial 5G deal

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Nokia celebrates 30th commercial 5G deal

Nokia is celebrating its 30th commercial 5G deal with the announcement March 25th of a new contract with Austria's A1. The agreements demonstrate Nokia's extensive portfolio of 5G capabilities, the industry's only true end-to-end range available globally from a single provider.

Taken together, the 30 commercial deals - including 16 with publicly named service provider customers - offer an insight into the progress of 5G roll-outs around the world and illustrate the value network operators see in this technology. A full list of Nokia's 5G announcements can be found here.

"This achievement marks a proud moment for Nokia as a company," commented Rajeev Suri, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nokia. "With these agreements, creating new partnerships and continuing existing relationships around the world, we can see the promise of 5G becoming a reality. Many of the 30 commercial 5G deals we celebrate today include multiple elements from across our end-to-end portfolio as our customers turn to Nokia at each stage of their 5G investment cycle."

Where operators are looking for the capability to quickly deploy new 5G capacity and speed to their existing network, Harri Holma, Nokia Bell Labs Fellow, explains in a March 26 blog how Nokia 5G radio can be deployed regardless of the incumbent 4G network vendor.

With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of small cells and macro solutions, alongside the smart transport to connect them, Nokia's 5G product suite is designed to offer operators the flexibility and capability to deliver 5G to a full range of end users. With the new Fixed Wireless Access device announced at MWC 2019, Nokia technologies can take our customers' services right into users' homes - allowing operators to provide complete coverage to end users, and delivering the first experience of real 5G to consumers.

Powering its 5G portfolio with truly "cloud native" core technology rather than an evolution of current core solutions means Nokia has the flexibility to deliver on key client needs. This capability means operators can offer low latency, high throughput, content-rich services - and can integrate their 5G builds alongside existing 2G, 3G, 4G radio and fixed access networks.

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