BrandArena: 17 African startups compete with other contestants for Seedstars Global Winner

Friday, 22 February 2019

17 African startups compete with other contestants for Seedstars Global Winner

...Winners to be announced in Lausanne, Switzerland on April 2-5

Winners will emerge at the sixth edition of the annual Seedstars Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland on April 2-5, 2019 organised by Seedstars World.

The summit which is the largest competition for early-stage startups from emerging markets will see 17 African startups will be among the 67 startups from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East competing to be the next Seedstars Global winner.

The winner who proposes the most impactful business model will become the Seedstars Global Winner and get up to $1M in equity for the idea development.

In 2018, Agrocenta, an innovative solution from Ghana won the main prize and became the Global Winner.

The African Startups competing for this coveted prize are as follows:

  • Agro Supply Uganda Limited (Uganda). This company finances agricultural technologies through mobile micro savings
  • Bandim Online (Guinea Bissau). To reduce the loss of products from the producer to the customer BandimOnline has been created to provide product on time with best prices.
  • Benefactors Limited (Rwanda). BeneFactors is a Rwandan factoring firm offering unsecured working capital products, for increased SME resilience, growth and job creation
  • Bluewave Insurance Agency Limited (Kenya). Bluewave is an insurance startup in Kenya that is creating innovative mass market, microinsurance products accessible via mobile devices.
  • Cowtribe Technology Limited (Ghana). Cowtribe is Africa’s first last mile animal vaccine delivery platform. We deliver safe vaccines to farmers in hard to reach place in Africa
  • Diool (Cameroon). Diool makes transactions simpler, using any payment method, online or at a shop nearby.
  • DropQue (Nigeria). Dropque uses a combination of one way unassisted video interviews and a powerful AI assessment assistant to get companies the best candidate
  • Franc Group (South Africa). Franc Group helps you make smart financial decisions that grow your wealth.
  • Kubinga (Angola). Kubinga is a peer-to-peer ride sharing service that empowers Angolans with the freedom of mobility.
  • Lapes Key – Schoolap (Congo DRC). This company has provided to improve the quality of teaching via the internet by providing access to digital lessons.
  • Money Farm Gambia (Gambia). This is an Agribusiness platform that connect target investors with agropreneurs in Africa and manage the agreements between the two parties.
  • MyFoodness (Botswana). Leveraging mobile internet to help people fulfil everyday ordering needs in Southern Africa
  • NALA (Tanzania). NALA is a mobile money application that works offline, allowing users to easily access multiple mobile money wallets faster.
  • REMA (Benin). REMA, is a collaborative medicine service dedicated to African doctors. We connect african doctors, for better medical decisions.
  • RERA Online Farm (Zimbabwe). Rera is an online platform that provides an opportunity for retail consumers to farm their own poultry produce
  • SUDPAY SA (Senegal). Townpay allows municipalities to mobilize more revenue by digitizing the collection of local taxes and financially including merchants.
  • WenaData (Mozambique) This is a very innovative integrated opinion platform.

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