BrandArena: Global Experts Make 2019 Media Predictions for AI, AR, Voice

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Global Experts Make 2019 Media Predictions for AI, AR, Voice

Connected intelligence is leading the way in transforming media, and Nigel Hollis asked some of its global experts across Kantar to create 12 lively predictions for 2019.

In a bid to help marketers and agencies tackle their media and effectiveness challenges head on, the Media Predictions report outlines 12 key trends that will transform the next year in media.

Exploring advances from augmented reality, through gender portrayal to vertical video, the predictions are:

  • Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will resolve the integrated online/offline return on marketing investment dilemma.
  • Voice technology will breakthrough in creative planning and the marketing mix.
  • Chinese leadership in social media and social media analytics will be ‘fast-followed’ by the west.
  • The emergence of the ‘branded experience network’ will transform media management in to ‘internet of everything’ management.
  • Brands will start to take the portrayal of women in advertising seriously.
  • Amazon will emerge from the advertising world ‘shadows’ to make the duopoly an triopoly.
  • Vertical video will lead the way in creativity.
  • The big screen will make a comeback, bigger and better than before.
  • Attitudinal insights combined with predictive modelling will make programmatic buying more agile and accurate.
  • Influencer marketing strategies will pivot to prioritise credibility ahead of reach.
  • GDPR compliance will drive more sophistication in brand data strategies.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) will start to shape both the consumer journey and customer experience.

A few themes have emerged:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) infuses everything: but it’s not enough on its own. Combined with consumer understanding and analytics, AI can support the charge to measure and prove ROI for marketers. It can also support marketing automation and could lead to a more intelligent type of targeting, using attitudinal and behavioural data.

Looking at ‘old’ things in new ways: the big TV screen is making a comeback, but more connected than ever before, leading to new opportunities for media and effectiveness measurement. Another example is influencers: the more well-known ones may be on the wane, but the rise of micro-influencers and proving their trust and value will be on the increase. And in China, influencers (Key Opinion Leaders) are being validated using blockchain, and there are even emerging virtual social media characters.

Reassess your views: Amazon is becoming a more dominant force in advertising, brands will start to use voice and AR with more than experimentation in mind and will also start to consider branded experiences as part of their marketing. And finally, we can only hope that more brands will take the portrayal of women more seriously in 2019.

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