BrandArena: Multichoice launches 'Step Up' campaign on DStv and GOtv in Nigeria

Friday 11 January 2019

Multichoice launches 'Step Up' campaign on DStv and GOtv in Nigeria

As from Tuesday, 15 January till Monday, 15 April 2019 the Step-Up campaign will offer all active and disconnected DStv Compact, Family and Access customers the occasion to pay for an upgrade package and get an enhancement to view programming on an even higher package within 48 hours.

DStv customers on the Access package can pay 11.08 USD (N4,000) for Family package and then get a boost to view programmes on the Compact package, while customers on the Family package can pay 18.84 USD (N6,800) for Compact package and instead view Compact Plus package programming. Same applies for Compact customers can also pay 29.50 USD (N10,650) for Compact Plus package and in turn get Premium package programming.

Customers on the GOtv platform will also benefit from this offer. GOtv Plus, Value and Lite customers will get upgraded to GOtv Max when they pay a reduced fee of 6.93 USD (N2,500) while GOtv ‘tops up’ with 1.94 USD (N700). Active and disconnected GOtv Max customers can also take advantage of this limited time offer to renew their subscription for 6.93 USD (N2,500). This campaign will allow GOtv customers on Plus, Value and Lite the chance to enjoy the exciting premium content available on GOtv Max including La Liga, Serie A, FA Cup, BET, Fox Entertainment, StarLife, ROK 2 and CBS Reality and more.

The chief customer officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, Martin Mabutho, said, “We are pleased to launch this first-of-its-kind offer that will give our customers the opportunity to experience the exciting programming available across higher packages at the price of a lower package. With this offer, we are giving a boost and topping up on what our customers pay for to enjoy more on our DStv and GOtv platforms. It’s our desire to make great content more accessible and we encourage our customers to take advantage of this special offer.”

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