BrandArena: Moghalu Starts Innovation Tour, Visits Cchub, Others

Monday, 28 January 2019

Moghalu Starts Innovation Tour, Visits Cchub, Others

The Young Progressive Party (YPP) Presidential Candidate, Kingsley Moghalu will on Monday commence a series of innovation tour in Lagos, as part of his presidential campaign tour of South-West Nigeria. Moghalu in his economic plan identified key pivotal standpoint to building a vibrant economy - startups, technology, finance, agriculture and creative industry.

Commenting on his plan, Moghalu said: "Nigeria has natural habitats that offer bountiful raw materials for creativity and innovation, and we must continually create and innovate in order to liberate the country from the oppressive dominance of globalization. It is important for the government of Nigeria to focus on a holistic strategy to expand small business and employment opportunities in Nigeria. That is, we must deliberately make technology and innovation a strategic priority from the standpoint of a worldview".

"My ultimate vision for Nigeria’s economy is one driven by innovation because innovation-based economies create jobs more easily. We must explore economic policies that will grow our small businesses, expand job creation opportunities and reinforce the place of Nigeria on a global map", he added.

To kick-start the conversation that will crystalize this plan, Moghalu will visit/host the Nigerian Tech Community, the Startups, Creative Community, the Finance Community and the key players in the Agricultural sector.

The conversations will center around building an economy centered on innovation, creativity and venture capitalism; and how they could become an integral part of the innovation economy.

Moghalu was recently  declared as the candidate with the most viable economic plan.

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