BrandArena: Promasidor Unveils SunVita, Sources Raw Materials Locally

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Promasidor Unveils SunVita, Sources Raw Materials Locally

Promasidor Nigeria Limited, makers of Cowbell Milk, Loya Milk, Miksi Milk, Onga seasoning, Top Tea and other quality food products, has unveiled Nigeria’s first zip-lock packaged ready-to-go cereal.

Speaking at the media unveiling held in Lagos on Friday, Managing Director of Promasidor Nigeria, Anders Einarsson, said 75 per cent of the product’s inputs are sourced locally, reflecting the company’s robust backward integration programme.

According to Einarsson, the decision to look inward for raw materials is informed by the company’s desire to contribute to the growth of agricultural value chain. This, he said, would create massive employment opportunities and reduce capital flight.

He said: “The raw materials of SunVita is about 75 per cent sourced locally. It demonstrates our commitment to backward integration and local capacity utilisation in line with the economic need of the country. This will translate to more direct and indirect jobs for the youths as it will increase activities in agricultural value chain.”

Einarsson said SunVita would help working mothers and other people with tight schedules to manage their time better and achieve their career goals without compromising their health and nutritional requirements.

“At Promasidor Nigeria, we understand the constraint on time; 24 hours are no longer enough for individuals to complete their daily routines, have fun and rest. Since we cannot increase the number of hours we have to work and play, we must continue to explore better ways of managing time. This is one of the ideas behind SunVita.

“Consumers need a quick, convenient meal that can be taken as a formal meal at home or as an energy boosting snack during the day when they are away from home. And this need can be met without compromising their health. This is what SunVita has done. The cereal does not need cooking, which requires time and energy”, he said.

General Manager (Large Enterprise), Bank of Industry, Leonard Kange, who joined other dignitaries to tour the factory, said he was impressed with the investment. He said the company’s backward integration agenda was in line with the country’s industrial revolution roadmap.

He noted: “The production process is fantastic. I am particular excited because I can see the product of our intervention. It is good to know that the fund we gave to Promasidor is invested in a project that will address key challenges facing Nigerians.

“The investment is particularly relevant to the national industrial growth. About 75 per cent of the inputs used to manufacture the product is locally sourced. What does that imply? It means that Promasidor is not only providing direct jobs but also indirect jobs through suppliers of the inputs. That will helpd to grow the economy and reduce unemployment. I am extremely excited at the manner Promasidor has utilised the loan we gave them.”

President, Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Dr. Bartholomew Brai, commented on the nutritional contents of Sunvita, saying it would help in the cognitive development of children.

“I am happy that this product is meant for both children and adults. It is not healthy to skip breakfast. With this ready-to-go cereal, this challenge is addressed,” Brai, who is also a university lecturer, stated.

Head of Commercial, Promasidor Nigeria, Mario Russo, described SunVita as an energizing meal a whole family can take at any time of the day. Fortified with Nutri-V, the product, according to Russo, is a unique blend of zinc, calcium, iron and vitamins.

“SunVita is a tasty, healthy cereal that also helps children grow smarter and stronger so that they can function at their best every day,” he said.

Head of Corporate, Promasidor Nigeria, Andrew Enahoro, told the media that SunVita “is a product of a four-year incubation” the company would ensure it breaks into the mainstream market as a leading brand in the nearest future.

Promasidor Nigeria, which started operations in Nigeria in 1993, is a leader in dairy, beverage, seasoning market. Its latest entrants is in two variants – SunVita Original and SunVita Pops. Both come in 40g and 500g.

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