BrandArena: LG: Redefining Cooking Experience with Innovative Gas Cookers

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

LG: Redefining Cooking Experience with Innovative Gas Cookers

Today, customers are looking for value to be clearly demonstrated, reflecting a balance of price, product features and service tailored to their needs. They prefer to buy more products from companies they trust. Once they have made their choice, they expect the providers of products and services to meet their expectations — and through their channel of choice.

Advances in technology and communication, combined with the explosive growth in data and information, have given rise to a more empowered global consumer. This means brands across different sector need to pay more attention to value creation.

In the gas cooker segment, for example, there has been a growing consumer interest in getting fast, tasty, safe and nourishing meals ready in the home. The gas cooker segment of the home appliances market in Nigeria has continued to soar high over the last three years.

Just as the market competition grows globally, there is no different from the Nigeria market. But one brand has demonstrated a clear understanding of customer wants through its customer insight and behavioural pattern – and this is LG Electronics.

According to Mr Jiung Park, General Manager, Home Appliances Division at LG Electronics West Africa, the company’s focus has been on creating an excellent product that meets customer needs and more.

"As a customer-centric brand, LG focused on ensuring excellent cooking performance, easy clean, perfect safety and convenience”, he said.

Commenting on some of the unique features of LG Gas Cooker, Park said: "LG Gas Cookers come with Flame failure device (FFD), Power Convection, Rotisserie and Dual Heating that enhances cooking performance; Removable Door Glass, Catalytic Cleaning that enables easy and fast clean; Safe Touch Closed Door Grilling for safety.”

“With LG Gas Cooker, you are assured of fast and healthy cooking. With LG Cooker, cleaning the oven door after cooking is not an annoying job to do anymore. You don’t need any tool to take off the inner glass. Just pull the glass a little bit against your body and lift it off. LG power convection also shortens your cooking time but makes your food taste even better. As it circulates hot air with the special fan, the surface of food would be more crispy, with minimum loss of moist inside", Park added.

He further stated that “today’s customer is safety conscious which gave rise to the need for the Flame failure device (FFD) specially built for LG Gas cookers. This is a mechanical in-built device that shuts of Gas supply as soon as the burner is unable to sense any form of flame at the point of ignition thereby preventing Gas leakage which could lead to a fire outbreak”. "With Dual Heating for oven and grill, LG cookers will offer customers more flexibility when cooking. Our Safe Touch allows you to keep the front door and its components cool, using special ventilation system of LG freestanding cooker".

He further mentioned that the brand is currently running a consumer promotion with Nigeria’s leading Oil & Gas firm, OVH (Oando Plc) by giving free 12.5kg gas cylinder filled with Gas content upon purchase of any LG Gas cooker across LG Brand shops nationwide, a scheme designed to making LG consumers happy and giving them extra value for patronising the brand.

The Co-promotion which recently commenced has witnessed positive feedbacks from various customers nationwide who mentioned this was the first time two big brands would come together to give true value to consumers. As the usual norm by other brands would have customers buy Gas cylinders in addition to Gas cooker purchase and further pay to have them filled up with Gas content.

LG Electronics has over time been focused on giving Nigerian consumers the very best when it comes to product offerings in Home appliances fitted with cutting-edge technology.

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