BrandArena: Lagos Digital Academy Officially Launch

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Lagos Digital Academy Officially Launch

The Lagos Digital Academy (LDA) has been officially launched, in a move designed to create a step-change and equip digital migrants with market-driven, dynamic and practical trainings that would prepare them for quality placement and industry exposure. The Academy was officially launched at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos.

Speaking on the launch, Kunle Shittu, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of LDA, as “an informatics leadership course for LDA digital migrants and leaders by digital leaders”.

According to him, “we breed a nest of digital potentials for companies to employ and empower to contribute to organizational growth.”

On his part, Dotun Babatunde, The Managing Director of LDA explained that the birth of the company was as a result for professional and savvy digital professional who has gone through the burn of digital training or academy in the country.

“The marketing communication industry in Nigeria is getting cluster but more importantly is that there is a huge skill gap when it comes to digital marketing. So giving the decades of experience of the LDA team, we came up with a way to equip the future generations and executives who have been in tuned to the traditional advertising and marketing platforms but do not understand how best to plug in digital to the equation as digital is part of every form of communications. This way out is LDA.” He said.

Dotun described the establishment of the Academy as the “beginning of a profession”.

Shedding light on the programmes and courses of the academy, Tola Bademosi, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Office of LDA said, “the programmes and courses of the academy will be designed and tailored along different cliente, because the needs are different based on wants, professions and backgrounds. The programmes are going to empowering because knowledge without application is useless. Knowledge acquired must be applied so as to move from the current level to a higher one.”

Speaking at the launch, Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, Chief Executive of CMC Connect, said:  “I believe LDA is an initiative whose time has come and i have personally tasted of the ability of Lagos Digital Academy and I will recommend it very highly. Nigeria is increasingly emerging as a key player in the development of next-generation technology ecosystems and LDA is surely the destination for skill development mission from a digital perspective." 

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