BrandArena: Food, Agro Allied Industries set export footprint to New Zealand

Monday 20 August 2018

Food, Agro Allied Industries set export footprint to New Zealand

…Promote Made in Nigeria gluten free product

The largest and most modern Sorghum malting plants in Africa, Food, Agro, & Allied Industries Limited, one of Sona Group principal industrial units has expanded it exportation footprint to New Zealand with its made in Nigeria Malt extracts. This is in line with the Federal Government's initiative to diversify the revenue stream of the country and improve economic growth.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony which took place at the the factory in Sango-Otta, Ogun State, Chairman of Sona Group, Mr. Arjan Mirchandani said the company is committed to promotion of 100 per cent local content and will not rest on its agenda in ensuring that made in Nigeria products made by the company are readily available for consumers.

“Our job is to make sure that we use and make 100 per cent local content. This exportation to New Zealand is the first of Food, Agro & Allied Industries as we intend to continue to produce Made in Nigeria products for exportation. Very soon we will be introducing rice flower and corn production that will be exported as well.

“We are encouraged by government agencies to produce standard and quality products. Nigerians are intellectual people, if you pay money you must have your value and that’s what Sona Group is all about. We offer value that is expected from locally made products.

In his remark, State Coordinator of Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), Engineer Ayuba Samuel Ushe, commended Food, Agro & Allied industries for the bold step for keying into government’s initiative to drive export and foreign investment.

Engr. Ushe who was represented at the inauguration by Mr. Michael Ajagbonna said the event is a landmark achievement for the company and the nation at large.

According to him, the step taken by Sona Group is an indication that the nation is moving towards a self-sufficient economy. “It means that the country is turning around in respect to quality and in terms of global dynamism. It will serve as foreign investment for us because people will starts to have confidence in what we have in our nation and at the same time foreign currency exchange will improve. This exportation is a plus for the nation “ he stated.

“Considering what SONA Group produce over time, when it comes to quality products we can vouch for them, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) is known for awarding certification in respect to quality and the company, not just Food, Agro Allied Industries, all group companies under Sona Group has been known for quality products, their products have always met the required standards and we encourage Nigerians to keep patronizing them,“ he added.

Managing Director, Food, Agro & Allied Industries, Mr. KVS Murthy submitted that this product is 100 per cent local sorghum and it is proudly Made in Nigeria.  He stated that the new development at the company will help Nigeria reduce its dependence on imported goods.

“As at 2015, we produced sorghum, glucose syrup, malt syrup, malt extract locally. Our requirement for the year as of now is 20,000 to 25,000 tonnes and we receive the Sorghum from Northern part of Nigeria such as Kano, Kaduna, Zaria etc., we store it in our warehouses, our silos and we are using the material time to time. It is completely automated, the material to the finishing product to the drum”, he explained.

Mr. Murthy stressed the uniqueness of the product. ‘By using this product you are reducing the intake of sugar, this product is used as sweetener in some products. It is used in some beverage, and biscuits company also use it to reduce sugar and promote local content, most importantly it is Gluten free “ he stated.

He stated that the farmers feed the nation and need to be supported by both the private and public sector. “We engage in backward integration, a practice where Sona Group cultivate their own raw materials by purchasing from suppliers and establishing farmers to grow produce for our factories, even the drums and pallets are made by our group company , which encourage value chain”, he said.

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