BrandArena: How Healthy Marital Relationship Improves Productivity And Economic Development

Friday 25 May 2018

How Healthy Marital Relationship Improves Productivity And Economic Development

Building a healthy relationship begins with love. It develops into a bond that enhances long term commitment between couples. Having a healthy relationship also requires communication. When there is good communication between couples, they have a romantic fulfillment that enables them to be effective in other areas of life.

A basic approach to having a good relationship stems from discussion on how couples want the family to co-exist otherwise petty issues will bring up unnecessary arguments. For instance, there should be a schedule on who will take care of the child and at what time during the child’s infancy period. This will go a long way in showing the kind of responsibility each spouse is to take and how they cope in years to come. The process of building a family with a disciplinary approach is not just between the spouses but with the children as well.

The discussion between couples should also be extended to having a financial plan. According to a poll in 2004 reported by Health Magazine on couple relationships; money was figured to be the major reason that couples fight because relationships tend to suffer from poor economies. This poor economic growth is as a result of little productivity which is affected by unhealthy relationship among couples.

Couples should thus have discussions on financial rules that will guide their spending. Furthermore, to keep a relationship healthy, there should be a feeling of romance between the couple.  Couples should talk about everything that involves them including how they can sexually satisfy each other.  When there is bond between spouses, it becomes a good way to help the individuals focus on productivity on their jobs.

Making sex a priority is also akin to having a healthy relationship. Sex is very key to a successful marriage that the holy bible admonish us not to deny our partners. According to, the average married couple has sex 58 times per year or slightly more than once a week. What is most important however is the happiness of the couple. Couples who reported marital intimacy such as holding hands also exhibited lower level of hormones produced by stress. By living a stress free life, it becomes easier to improve productivity.

In the process of love making however, some spouse do complain about arousal especially the female. The male partner gets aroused due to attraction but it might not be the same for the female due to physiological or external factors. In situations like this, conscious effort must be made to bring the female to the level of enjoying rather than enduring. MOIST personal lubricant, comes in handy at such moments. It is recommended for personal lubrication when vaginal dryness causes discomfort. 

Apart from being used to enhance pleasurable sex among couples, it is also an excellent lubricant for the insertion of tampons and has an advantage over most lubricants because being thicker it can be used medically in insertion of rectal thermometers, speculum insertion, introduction of catheter etc. It is water soluble, a greaseless clear gel, non staining and non irritating. Moist enhances intimacy, spouses can have a healthy relationship which in turn boost their all-round productivity in other areas of life and improve the economy.

Marriage as an institution helps spouses to think more than just their own welfare but also the welfare of the family and the nation. It drives more responsibility towards long term goals in line with what they can benefit from the relationship and in their business engagements. It paves way for good planning due to the expected long term nature of marriage.

With a good sexual relationship that leads to birth of children, seven sectors of the economy are also likely to benefit from it and they include child care, health care, food, life and personal insurance, pets and toys, household products and services. The economy of a country depends on strong families due to its futuristic nature. The families help to provide a future customer base for the sectors producing products useful for families which in turn helps with productivity and economic development.

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