BrandArena: Accenture Significantly Expands Footprint with Major Automotive Manufacturer Account

Friday 11 May 2018

Accenture Significantly Expands Footprint with Major Automotive Manufacturer Account

Accenture announced that the BMW Group, one of the world’s leading premium manufacturers of cars and motorcycles, has extended its relationship with Accenture Interactive to support the BMW and MINI brands through the delivery and support of content and features across its digital channels worldwide.

Accenture Interactive is working side-by-side with the BMW Group’s digital teams, combining data, technology and creative services to put experiences at the centre of the brand’s communication. It is tailoring digital content to local requirements in multiple languages across 120 countries and delivering relevant advertising across all its channels including search and social.

“During the past few years, brand identity and digital experience have become a tightly linked pair as a result of the rise of digital platforms,” said Wayne Hull, Managing Director for Accenture Digital in Africa. “The way world class brands now express their vision, voice and purpose is by immersing and engaging consumers via digital platforms. Creating seamless, immersive experiences is both a creative and analytical undertaking. The process requires the skills of analysts and user interface specialists as much as it does those of data scientists, data engineers and those in DevOps. Considerations at the design stage span everything from colour connotations, user experience and interfaces to the ways in which data is sourced and used to personalise experience.”

Additionally, Accenture Interactive is providing 24/5 Market Coaching and Support Services for BMW and MINI markets worldwide. Based on innovative technologies, automated processes and efficient operations, Accenture Interactive is providing a website support service, covering all web platform related questions, issues and queries.

“Brands like BMW and MINI have the foresight to plan for customers’ evolving expectations of the brand’s experience,” said Anatoly Roytman, who leads Accenture Interactive in Europe, Africa and Latin America. “It is an exciting time to innovate and succeed in creating human-led experiences for customers – whether via digital or real-world touchpoints.

“As BMW’s and MINI’s experience agency, we can offer a new horizontal structure and connected approach to making creative and memorable customer experiences online and to build brand equity,” added Roytman.

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