BrandArena: 4 Reasons the God of War is Arguably 2018 Best Game

Wednesday 9 May 2018

4 Reasons the God of War is Arguably 2018 Best Game

Maybe you've seen the trailers, or read the reviews? Or maybe you're only vaguely aware of a PlayStation 4 latest "God of War"? Maybe you've never played a "God of War" game! Maybe you're a veteran video game journalist who was expecting a 10-to-12 hour hack-and-slash game?

Do not worry, Jumia Nigeria, your trusted online store will give you very interesting reasons why you need to get a copy of the latest PS4 God Of War.

It's incredibly fun to play: take it or leave it — the minute-to-minute gameplay of "God of War" is thoroughly enjoyable. Whether Kratos is taking on groups of enemies, toppling massive mythological creatures, solving puzzles, or just exploring, the simple act of playing "God of War" is a delight.
It’s a screenshot factory:  it’s impossible to deny the beauty of the game — there are more than a few “wow” moments. The way in which it frames most of its scenes is nothing short of cinematic and its small details are so pronounced and noticeably polished that it’s like watching a moving painting at times.

There's mystery and adventure around every corner: the world of "God of War" — the mythological Norse realm of Midgard — is rife with mystery. While exploring the vast expanse of Midgard, you're extremely likely to stumble on one of the dozens of mysteries hiding around every corner. You might find a hulking dragon being held captive, or a massive, abandoned fortress full of treasures and traps.

Absolutely no breaks: the only break the action from God of War is supposed to give you is when you die. There are no cuts in the narrative: it’s just one-shot from beginning to end. Not only is this a great way of keeping the narrative lean and focused, but it’s also nothing short of a technical marvel.

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