BrandArena: Kehinde Salami Launches Book, Floats iD8 Academy

Friday 30 March 2018

Kehinde Salami Launches Book, Floats iD8 Academy

The President of the Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria, Kehinde Salami, recently launched a marketing communications book entitled: ‘To Every Man A Brain: How To Discover and Unleash The Power of Your Creative Mind’ at the Renaissance Hotel in Lagos.

L-R: Kayode Idowu,General Manager/COO, Keskese; Kehinde Salami,Managing Director, Ideas House; Kayode Olagesin,Managing Director, Towncrier and Ayo Alias,Managing Director, Tequila Nigeria at the  book launch written by Kehinde Salami in Lagos recently. 
The launch was graced by the Crème de crème of Nigeria’s IMC industry and had in attendance personalities like Kayode Oluwasona, President of the Advertising Practitioners Association of Nigeria (AAAN), George Thorpe, founding chairman of MediaReach OMD who reviewed the book, Kola Oyeyemi of MTN, Abiodun Oshiniobosi, Managing Director, Abelinis, among others.

In his address at the event, Kehinde who is also the Managing Director of Nigeria’s foremost experiential agencies, Ideas House lamented the fact that Nigeria is a country with tremendous potential that gives everyone a blank sheet of paper to write their personal dreams and vision but very few take good advantage of that.

He said: “It’s worrying that despite the opportunities that abound, many of us still find ourselves in limbo with no clear direction. We patronize the goods, services and technology breakthrough of the West shamelessly wearing the badge of the astute consumption economy with pride. Besides entertainment and a few other flashes here and there, our nation can best be termed as a doers’ economy. This scenario for any serious government should raise an imminent red flag as doing will always be inferior to thinking. If we all agree on this simple logical fact, then we need to change our perspective.

“Has anyone stopped to think why the continent of Africa which boasts 17% of the worlds’ population (1.3bn inhabitants), is responsible for less than 1% of global patents? Has anyone considered the possibility of Oyo State, Lagos State or any other state for that matter deliberately championing Ideation via the selling of knowledge as a main export crop?” He asked.

“This book takes an insightful look into the issues and offers a quick fix solution with respect to vital methodologies that could help change mind-set while rebooting the brain to work more efficiently. Having studied individuals coupled with the benefit of interacting with people from different countries and culture over the years, I have a pretty good idea of where the challenges lie.

“To everyman a brain is a book with meaning and I sincerely hope it will find its rightful place and positioning in the entire marketing communications space,” he concluded.

In the same vein, Mr. Kehinde also announced the launch of iD8, a marketing communications academy.

While speaking earlier at a media parley, Kehinde told journalists that the launch of the academy is fuelled by an endless desire to break the status quo with the minutest solutions. He added that they are in collaboration with subject matter experts, businesses and passionate individuals to create sustainable frameworks, processes and products driven by learning for the future frameworks.

He added: “iD8 is more of training and capacity building organisation which is specifically designed to identify creative talents, nurture them and deployed them not only for our business but for the entire marketing communications industry.

“It is an academy and marketing innovation hubs where we help promotes, support and lead learning and teaching transformation in this space. We are committed to birthing ideas, connecting people and designing opportunities as well as facilitating opportunities.

“Now we have training camps, boot camps, more like reality television and others. We have a number of training programmes that have been customized and ready for us to kick off. The book we are launching has its own training module which people-students, individuals in the corporate world, business-can learn to transform their businesses. To Every Man a brain is going to be submerged under iD8 as one of the training tools and techniques, “he concluded.

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