BrandArena: Samsung Set to Launch Galaxy S9; Announces Pre-Order Date, Pricing & Specs

Monday, 26 February 2018

Samsung Set to Launch Galaxy S9; Announces Pre-Order Date, Pricing & Specs

After months of leaks and rumors, the galaxy s9 and a bigger dual camera galaxy s9+ are now official.

Yesterday, February 25th Samsung took the stage in Barcelona, Spain and showed the world what they’ve been working on. Which, of course, is a highly improved smartphone with a powerful camera. A 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 and the 6.2-inch Galaxy S9+ with curved screens, updated software, better cameras, and much more.

As expected, Samsung immediately confirmed what everyone wanted to know, the release date and pre-orders. The Galaxy S9 will be available for pre-order starting March 2nd around the globe. In the coming weeks, we’ll have more information about pricing, discounts, deals, accessories and more. If you’re interested in getting the Galaxy S9 here’s what to know.

The all-new Galaxy S9 can be yours on March 16th in the United States, and maybe a little earlier if you’re lucky. Confirming pre-orders begin on March 2nd, with the release date being March 16th everywhere. Select regions will see it about a week or so later, around March 23rd.

A video purporting to be an official Samsung Galaxy S9 launch video has appeared on YouTube, and it focuses heavily on how the S9 can be used for work. he video also confirms a new AI feature called Bixby Live Translation, which translates the text in images taken by the phone's camera. The feature is shown being used to translate a message in a data centre.

Pricing of Galaxy S9 starts with £739/$719 while the Galaxy S9+ is £869/ $839. useful. Be unique. Be engaging.

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