BrandArena: Egypt Opens Its First Electric Car Charging Station

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Egypt Opens Its First Electric Car Charging Station

As part of efforts to lower its carbon footprint, Egypt has commissioned its first electric car charging station in the capital city of Cairo.

Developed by Revolta, the electric charging stations will be built across Egypt with the hope of expanding  across North Africa.

While speaking to the media at the commissioning of the electric car charging station in Cairo, Tareq Qabil, Egypt’s Minister of Trade and Industry said, “This event is the cornerstone for the launch of electric cars in Egypt.”

The deployment of electric car charging stations in Egypt will also likely boost the North African country’s ambitions of increasing renewable energy usage by up to 22% by the year 2020.

Speaking on the development, Mohammed Badawi, CEO at Revolta said, “ the first phase of the deployment of electric car charging stations in Egypt will include the opening of 65 charging stations spread across Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, and the Red Sea governorate.

“The electric car charging stations will not only be located at what is now known as petrol stations, but will also be built and deployed at locations such as malls, hotels, universities, sporting clubs, and any other public areas where cars can be parked.

“Each electric car charging station costs approximately $50,000 to build,” he added.

According to iafrikans, Egypt’s Passengers Transportation Authority signed an agreement with Chinese automobile manufacturer, BYD, which will see the city of Alexandria be the first in the North African country to have 15 electric buses, with the first electric bus expected to be delivered in March 2018 and the rest of the 14 electric buses expected in Alexandria in June 2018.

As part of that agreement, Alexandria is set to also have 18 electric bus charging stations built and installed across the city.

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