BrandArena: Cisco announces assurance innovations to reinvent network for digital business

Thursday 1 February 2018

Cisco announces assurance innovations to reinvent network for digital business

Cisco, the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984, has announced powerful assurance innovations across its intent-based networking portfolio that will help IT teams shift from reactive to proactive. It will address the 43 percent of time IT spends troubleshooting, while making IT operations more proactive, agile and automated. The software innovations represent significant advancements in mathematical modeling and contextual insights, accelerating Cisco’s strategy to reinvent the network for the digital era.

Cisco's vision to create a network that anticipates operational issues, stops security threats in their tracks, and continues to learn, adapt and protect will be realized by transforming the entire network, from the data center and campus, to the branch and edge. David Goeckeler, Executive Vice President, Networking and Security Business at Cisco said “The network has never been more critical to business success,” he further comments, saying, “We’re reinventing the network ground up to deliver a secure and intelligent platform for digital business. Today, we are taking another major step toward that ambitious goal with intent-based networking innovations designed to deliver contextual insights and assurance that will help transform IT from reactive to proactive.”

Cisco’s intent-based networking portfolio represents a fundamental shift away from the manual and time-intensive methods by which networks are traditionally managed. These intent-based networks capture and translate business intent into network policies, and activate them across the infrastructure. With the introduction of assurance capabilities, they can now continuously verify the network is operating as intended. Cisco is introducing three powerful new assurance products that further demonstrate how intent-based networking systems move at the speed of digital business.

Firstly, the Cisco Network Assurance Engine; with this, Cisco will enable always-on assurance in the data center network by combining mathematically accurate models of the network with more than 30 years of codified domain knowledge. It will help enable IT teams; predict the impact of changes, continuously verify network behavior and assure security policy and compliance.

Secondly, Cisco DNA Center Assurance will provide a 360-degree contextual view that connects all the relationships of who, what, where, when, how. It delivers a complete picture of what is happening between users and applications with real-time, historical and predictive capabilities and will span from wired and wireless environments.

Thirdly, Cisco Meraki Wireless Health, IT will troubleshoot wireless issues faster and deliver a better user experience. Cisco Meraki uses a cloud-managed IT model to automate operations, simplifying the complexity of IT. Now, Meraki Wireless Health will allow IT teams to quickly identify wireless anomalies, find poorly performing access point and clients, and provide actionable insights to improve the wireless experience.

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