BrandArena: More Winners Emerge in Final Rounds of Malta Guinness “Go Get It” Promo

Monday, 4 December 2017

More Winners Emerge in Final Rounds of Malta Guinness “Go Get It” Promo

Guinness “Go Get It” National Consumer Promotion (NCP) came to an end on Thursday 30th November, 2017 with rewards of thousands of customers across the Nigeria from the One Hundred Million Naira (N100, 000,000) prize fund.

Malta Guinness, Nigeria’s favorite malt drink has given thousands of Nigerians an opportunity to fuel their greatness and actualize their dreams with its “Go-Get-It” NCP.

At the end of the successful four month run, Ifeoma Agu, Brand Manager, Malta Guinness and Premium Non-Alcoholic Drinks, said "the promo was a platform to reward our loyal consumers with a share of N100,000,000 in order to fuel their greatness. We believe Nigerians have great dreams with an unflinching Can-do Spirit, however, dreams don’t run on drive, they require energy to make real and sustain, hence, Malta Guinness set out to provide Nigerians with the energy needed to make their dreams come true by turning “the Malta Goodness into Greatness.”

“The great taste, natural goodness, energy and vitality of Malta Guinness has been fuelling the greatness of Nigerians since 1990, unleashing their “Can-do” attitude to take on everyday challenges with optimism. As a premium Malt Drink that has passionately helped Nigerians bring their dreams to life, we are happy with the outcome of The Malta Guinness “Go Get It” Promotion in the last 16 weeks, with life changing testimonials from Winners that speak to our commitment to fuel the greatness of Nigerians with a share of One Hundred Million Naira. Winners emerged across Nigeria from all works of life, ranging from a Fashion Designer in Benin, Students in Lagos, Ekiti, Delta, Business Man in Badagry, a hair stylist in Aba, to mention but a few.

Since the launch of the promotion on the 8th of August, Malta Guinness fulfilled its promise of rewarding loyal consumers with different cash and airtime prizes. Thirteen (13) lucky consumers won One Million Naira (N1,000,000) each, Thirty-nine (39) consumers won One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) each, while other lucky consumers were rewarded with Five Thousand Naira (N5,000) cash prizes and millions of airtime.

Malta Guinness has always provided platforms for Nigerians to achieve greatness through notable campaigns such as Malta Guinness Street Dance, Life 101 Drama Series, You VS campaign, Father’s Day digital campaign amongst others.

Although the “Go Get It” promo has ended, Malta Guinness will continue to fuel the greatness of Nigerians, by providing them with the energy to turn the Malta Goodness into Greatness. Ifeoma Agu added that, “We have recently launched a new brand purpose campaign that dramatizes how those who enjoy the benefits of Malta Guinness fuel their can-do spirit and take on their dreams with optimism to fuel their greatness.

For further details on Malta Guinness consumer campaigns and activities, follow @maltaguinnessng on Twitter and Instagram or Like the Malta Guinness page on Facebook for details. Let’s go!

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