Wednesday 9 August 2017


Stakeholders from different professional sectors have commended Global Interns Company for its Career Connect Series workshop. They described the initiative as apt for students and would help to bridge the career knowledge gap experienced before or after a chosen career path.
Mrs. Olufunmilayo Modupe, Chief Executive Officer, Global Interns Company.
The workshop with the theme “Career Planning and Internship Opportunities”, is being organised for students in senior secondary, fresh high school graduate as well as undergraduates. It is scheduled to hold on Tuesday August 22, 2017, at the new venue, “The Incubator,” 7/8, Chief Yesuf Abiodun Way, City of David Road, Oniru, Victoria Island.

Mr. Caesar Keluro, chief Executive Officer, Ideasvibe Media, explained that Career Connect Series is an ample platform to discuss new paradigms, technologies, cultures that are altering our workplace and our society.

He noted that with the ever-evolving and competitive job market, career path is more about being adaptive in this digital age and understanding the skills in high demand, and those facing potential extinction. “Kudos to Global Interns Company for bringing this up in this age of disruption,” he said.

Mrs Bello Geraldine, a legal practitioner and parent, said the workshop is a welcome development, as lots of students do not know what they are doing. She added that the initiative should be taken to the grassroots where career choice mistakes are mostly made.

Geraldine maintained that making wrong choices and being stereotyped has to do with their parents that should be educated. “They are the best people to be educated as children follow their dictates,” Bello stated.

Mr Femi Adetayo, the Chief Executive Officer of Onestopmotivate, believes the workshop is a good initiative that students need in this present era. He described it as unique and Global Interns Company should be commended for this uncommon initiative.

Intending participants who have registered are excited, they described the workshop as an appropriate forum to get feedback on career related question as their studies progresses.
Chief Executive Officer of Global Interns Company, Mrs. Olufunmilayo Modupe reiterated that the theme of the workshop is ‘Career Planning and Internship Opportunities’, and maintained that the overall objective is providing guidance in career choices whilst creating opportunities that will grow the career through work experiences. “We are making possible ‘the transition of knowledge from the professionals back to the students’ with an intention to nurture”, she said

She further affirmed that the general students and parents excitement towards the upcoming workshop is an indicator of its relevance. According to her, the workshop would help participants to understand the know-how of career planning through engaging sessions that would offer feedback on Career Frequently Asked Questions.

The workshop features also include experts’ viewpoints on “Technology in diverse career choices” and “Career of this Age.” Modupe added that her organization through the workshop is focused at helping students better understand how internship can build and enlarge their career aspirations.

Interested participants are required to send name and school to 09095693593 or 07037091407 via the short message service (SMS) platform for registration.

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