BrandArena: Mayweather Prepares For Life After Boxing, Enter Gym Business

Friday, 18 August 2017

Mayweather Prepares For Life After Boxing, Enter Gym Business

US boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been begun to prepare for life after boxing by launching a new gym and fitness venture.

After his upcoming superfight with mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor, the new business, entitled Mayweather Boxing & Fitness, will launch with the opening of a flagship gym in Southern California.

The venture is set to include branches across the world and will seek to provide boxing and fitness services for people of all ages. The Forbes magazine said that there are plans to open 200 gyms within the first two years of the business, with 500 set to open within five years.

“My whole life has been about boxing and about fitness, and now I’m taking everything I developed and bringing it into the fitness market. Our fitness experience will have programmes for kids, parents and aspiring athletes – anyone who's looking to put energy into something positive. The training programmes will be the best in the industry, all based on my own workout routines; and they’ll be accessible to all, including communities that don’t currently have these kinds of facilities available”, Mayweather said in a statement.

The new venture will also include a new mobile application and a virtual reality experience featuring Mayweather himself. The 40-year-old will share his own personal training regimes through the app.

As Chairman, Floyd will oversee execution against his vision of the business, develop the direction for programming and content, and share his knowledge, expertise and passion – not only for boxing, but also for health and fitness. To help bring his vision to life, Floyd has assembled a leadership team with deep franchise, fitness and business development experience, including James Williams, CEO; Burrel Wilks III, Senior Advisor; and Mike Melby and Ali Fakhari, Executive Directors. 

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