BrandArena: digitXplus Nigeria Holds Facebook Academy in Lagos

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

digitXplus Nigeria Holds Facebook Academy in Lagos

digitxplus Nigeria with the support of Facebook Africa recently conducted Facebook Academy, the first of its kind in Lagos, Nigeria for their clients from West Africa.

Spanning over a period of two days, this training titled “Facebook Agency Ambassadors at digitXplus” was jointly facilitated by Patrick Gomes and Jelil Adedoyin, together with Elizma Nolte, Regional Marketing Manager Facebook Africa; Sifiso Mazibuko, Regional Agency Partner, Facebook Africa; and Abi Williams, Small and Medium Business Sales Manager,Facebook Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Facebook Academy is a programme intended for the Media and Marketing industry, to help unlock business value using the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

The half-day course covered ten “Brilliant Basics” of advertising on Facebook and Instagram from a Media and Marketing perspective. They include Brilliant Basic one: Start by solving for a Business’ Objectives; Brilliant Basic Two: Target, target, target; Brilliant Basic Three : Deliver your message with Reach & Frequency; Brilliant Basic Four : Build thumb-stopping creative; and Brilliant Basic Five : Understand People based Measurement.

Others are Brilliant Basic six: Think Full Funnel; Brilliant Basic seven: Instagram is about Inspiration - get it right; while Brilliant Basic eight to ten is: It works, Play More, and, Keep Up.

Commenting on this initiative, the Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Gomes, digitXplus, said “It’s our endeavour to conduct these trainings for our clients. Our objective is to facilitate the digital marketing ecosystem in Nigeria and we appreciate Facebook coming forward to support us in conducting Facebook Academy for the first time in Nigeria. Our effort will be to continue with Facebook Academy in different forms and broaden the horizon by taking it to a larger community who can benefit from it”.

Also, Elizma Nolte, Regional Marketing Manager, Facebook Africa, said “Agencies like digitXplus are key partners in helping educate businesses and marketers about the power of digital marketing to generate business value. We will continue to work with them and others to deliver Facebook Academy for free in Nigeria and other cities across Africa.”

digitXplus is one of the leading digital marketing agency in the country, having coverage in West and Central Africa. It was instrumental in publishing Digital Fact Book for the first time in 2013 with the second edition in 2015.

The objective of Digital Fact Book was to organise and present facts and figures on digital medium covering West and Central Africa, thus making it easily accessible and useful to all.

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