BrandArena: ‘Robocar’: Roborace unveils its self-driving electric race car

Tuesday 28 February 2017

‘Robocar’: Roborace unveils its self-driving electric race car

Startup Roborace Ltd. yesterday unveiled its much anticipated self-driving race car at Mobile World Congress 2017 Mobile Conference in Barcelona.

The final version of the all-electric and self-driving racecar - “Robocar” a fully electric vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour without any input from a human driver. It has been roughly six months since Roborace revealed its “Devbot” prototype, a self-driving race car that runs on Nvidia Corp.’s Drive PX 2 artificial intelligence supercomputer.

Like Devbot, Robocar is also driven by the Drive PX 2, but there is one huge difference between the two cars: Robocar is not only driverless, it does not even have a driver’s seat at all.

Robocar is equipped with four 300 kW motors – one for each wheel – and weighs about 2,149 pounds (~ 975 kg).

Roborace wants to host autonomous car races around the world, with 10 teams competing against each other before every Formula E race. Although Roborace is looking to crown a winner, the company is not interested is seeing who can build the fastest self-driving car.

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