BrandArena: J. Walter Thompson appointed agency for SunStreamTM

Wednesday 22 February 2017

J. Walter Thompson appointed agency for SunStreamTM

J. Walter Thompson Cape Town has been appointed to lead all marketing communication on the African continent for solar technology enterprise, SunStream™ Technology Inc.

The agency’s extensive regional footprint and campaign reach across Africa for the last 90 years, provided the J. Walter Thompson team with knowledge of the continent’s diverse markets, and in particular, nuances in consumer attitudes and behaviour. In addition to deep insight around adoption patterns for technology in the region, J. Walter Thompson Cape Town’s response to SunStream™ business demands, reflected in the agency’s entrepreneurial mindset, delivered an integrated yet multi-market strategy that offered SunStream™ a clear differential in its communication.

Throughout Africa, a lack of electricity leaves millions of mobile phone users struggling to keep their phones charged, compromising their connection to safety, opportunity, and prosperity. SunStream™ products convert sunlight to electricity instantaneously at a 99% through-put rate. Because the technology eliminates the need for circuit boards, charge controllers, or chipsets – components that are notorious for breakage - the hand-held SunStream™ solar panels are extremely durable and have been developed to be waterproof. This patented technology offers a breakthrough solution for mobile users anywhere, seeking convenient and reliable mobile electricity.

Commenting on J. Walter Thompson's appointment, Victoria Keziah, managing director of Marketing and Communications at SunStream™ says, “We were looking for an agency partner with a demonstrable capacity to be nimble; one that could address our real-time, highly entrepreneurial, sales-driven demands in our launch market of South Africa, whilst also helping to drive our global brand-building efforts across continents, cultures and currencies. I’m pleased to say, we found what we were looking for.”

Paul Grater, managing partner, J. Walter Thompson Cape Town, adds, “SunStream™ is on a mission to bring clean, reliable, affordable, personal energy to everyone under the sun. We are looking forward to partnering with a brand that is cutting an unchartered path with its market-leading technology.”

The J. Walter Thompson campaign is expected to roll out during the first quarter of 2017.

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