BrandArena: More Millionaires to Emerge in Skye Bank's Season II Millionnaire reward Scheme

Wednesday 25 January 2017

More Millionaires to Emerge in Skye Bank's Season II Millionnaire reward Scheme

Skye Bank is again set to make more millionaires out of Nigerians in its repackaged ‘Reach For The Skye Millionaire’ reward, Season II.

The Season II which officially kicked off in January 2017, promises to deliver more benefits to the public compared to Season 1 of the scheme, which changed many lives and made over 36 millionaires of many erstwhile ordinary Nigerians across various segments of the economy.

Speaking about the Scheme, the bank’s Executive Director, Retail and Lagos Commercial Banking, Mrs. Markie Idowu, said that the scheme is intended to give back to customers and encourage savings among Nigerians. She noted that the last season made 36 millionaires, and stressed that the scheme is not to reward the elite, but for everyone, irrespective of social status.

In addition, Mrs. Idowu thanked past winners from season 1 and said the bank looks forward to producing more millionaires in the season II.

Also speaking at the launch, the bank’s Group Head of Retail Banking, Mr. Ndubuisi Osakwe gave details of the reward scheme and noted that the scheme is in recognition of the support of customers; and seeks to create several millionaires.

He noted that “the Bank will also seek to continue to nurture winners and migrate them to other areas of banking products that will help them build their wealth; ensuring that the under banked and unbanked find the propositions of banking services more attractive and convenient.”

Mr. Osakwe further stressed that, “The reward scheme will provide an opportunity for prospective customers of the bank to take the bold step of patronizing our numerous cost-saving products and solutions, emphasizing that “you can only save your way out of poverty”.

On the mechanics of the scheme, Mr. Osakwe explained that customers who make a deposit or reactivate their accounts with N10,000 (and its multiples), and maintain same for a period of 30 days, stand a chance of becoming millionaires every month.

He added that consolation cash prizes include: N100,000 for 10 winners, N50,000 for 10 winners and N20,000 for 20 winners. Each month, more than 41 customers will be rewarded by the bank with the first 200 customers to reactivate their dormant accounts credited airtime worth of N500 within 48 hours and encouraged everyone to spread the good news.

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