Friday, 30 September 2016


Without question, this is certainly not the best of time for Nigeria. With the drop in the global price of commodities, Africa’s largest economy seems to have taken a dive for the worst.

Unpaid salaries, salary cuts and mass sacks have become the order of the day and as expected Nigerians are at the receiving end of all these tragedies. However anyone conversant with Nigerians will tell you that they are among the toughest and most resilient people on earth. Whether this is a good or bad character trait remains an issue for another day: but, we are a nation of “long sufferers”.  An average person will think that we would naturally have a thriving psychotherapy industry; we don’t, we just go to church and listen to music.

Nigeria is a great music nation: we sing and dance to celebrate and to mourn. Music in itself is our therapy. I think it’s not a coincidence that we have the largest music industry in Africa. Recently however, music seems to have taken a backstage in the Nigerian healing process.  The reason is not farfetched; our artist have lost sight of the reason Nigerians love their music; its therapeutic functions, thus, a yearning for music with a higher purpose; an anticipation for the music of hope; music that will define a new nation, a music that can only come with GOTHAM.

You see, Music is powerful!  It has the power to change your life for the good or the bad.  What you listen to determines who you are.  There is a consistent relationship between active engagement in music and general mental state. Music has the power to bring communities together and it’s a source of strength.

Gotham EP is a music project that will connect different strata of the society together to propel each other to the path of hope, mind elevation and revolution—a project that will ignite a national movement across several local communities to bring hope and comfort.  Gotham is an understanding of the power of music in bridging the gap of background, religion and ethnicity. Gotham is a vision we foresee for our music industry. The idea of Gotham in itself is a challenge of the status quo; an affront to the familiar, yet we anticipate, because we need Gotham. The untrained eye might ask; will Gotham ever come? Indeed, most of us ask! But then again, Gotham might come but you may never know until you pay attention.

Gotham a 7track music project by the Nigerian artiste called 4runner, drops on OCT 1st for your illumination and elevation.

Written by: Chima Odinma

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