BrandArena: 'It's Time For Adverting To Love Itself Again'

Friday, 26 August 2016

'It's Time For Adverting To Love Itself Again'

In today's creative industry, “we don’t do advertising anymore. We do branded content.”

This is one of the key submission of the chief creative officer at FCB Global, Susan Credle, on Friday, 19th of August at the DStv Seminar of Creativity during Loeries Creative Week held recently in Durban.

Susan Credle

Credle hailed the era of branded content vs advertising and forecasts the rise of episodic series of short form communication as a solution to time being more precious than ever to capture your audience’s attention. She did a retrospective to advertising from when she was a girl/teenager that could still resonate today, like the original ’Share the fantasy’ Chanel No. 5 advert.

“Just because there are new ways to communicate, be careful not to disparage the old ways to communicate. They are pretty powerful. One of the things I don’t think we do enough of in this business is look to the past. We come into this business thinking ‘we are young and know it all’.”

“If you’re in advertising, hopefully, it inspires you to use your talents to enrich peoples’ lives – instead of just trying to sell them something. We work for the brand first, the people second, and ourselves third,” the former CCO at Leo Burnett USA said.

“Brands help us tell our story and we take on brands because they help us say something to the world as much as doing something rational for us.”

She urged the advertising industry to stop doing too much that is liked versus much less that is loved and declared it is our responsibility to use advertising for good.

“If we put more trash content out there, it is making people have to run from us. I don’t think we need more advertising. I think we need less advertising that more people love ...We’re branding ourselves as an irritant simply by the message we are putting on our ad. It’s dangerous,” she warned.

“We can make a huge difference. We don’t realise that over books, movies, films, and TV shows, people see mass advertising more than anything. You have an incredible responsibility to work hard in this business. Be honourable in this business,” Credle enthused.

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