BrandArena: UR4Africa launches program of exciting holiday activities for students

Thursday, 28 July 2016

UR4Africa launches program of exciting holiday activities for students

UR4Africa, a social enterprise that focuses on coordinating safe spaces for creative learning has unveiled a series of interesting holiday activities for students this August.

UR4Africa summer program offers students an enriching learning experience to help them get more out of summer break. Through a blend of creative and educational activities, students will experience new adventures, learn and master new skills, exchanging plenty of high-fives in the process.

Highlighting the benefits and aim of the programs, Shola Ajayi, Head Coordinator UR4Africa stated that “UR4Africa strives to provide access to tools and resources that makes learning new and engaging and also provide useful skills for everyone involved in the organization. “We want to bring the spirit of collaboration and creating media to impact change. We are presenting an Africa that all of us can connect with; an Africa about our hopes, dreams and proud history”.

UR4Africa has a series of activities for its Public Art Nigeria students-one of its programs. This will run for 3 weeks; August 1st to August 19th, with focus on health topics. Public Art Nigeria is a free program that runs three times a year. It is a series of workshops lead by professionals in their various fields (art, writing, photography, theater, history, science, etc.) to develop a curriculum that is both skills based, engaging, innovative and empowering. Human Rights, Environment and Healthcare are at the core of U4Africa programming as it uses these themes to develop community projects.
From August 24th to August 30th, participants of the program will be travelling to Accra, Ghana to participate in the Chale Wote Festival; West Africa's largest independent public arts festival, it is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance out of the galleries and onto the streets; rearranging the streets into dynamic exhibition rooms, giving artists space to express and amplify their works

From August 3rd to August 20th, some students will have the opportunity to travel to New York City, to take classes for two weeks at Parsons School for Design. Through a partnership with Parsons School for Design, Art students will participate in workshops in New York City and Accra, Ghana.

UR4Africa has a series of creative and mentally stimulating activities embedded in its programs. These program are evolved with youths and women in mind; creating avenues for them to learn and engage themselves.

To learn more about the UR4Africa programs, contact the core team at 08115705244, email or visit the website at

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