BrandArena: Terragon boosts talent management & retention with SAP's SuccessFactors

Friday 1 July 2016

Terragon boosts talent management & retention with SAP's SuccessFactors

The ability to automate employee performance and leave management and focus on the more meaningful work of retaining top talent has proven to be the difference for Nigeria's leading technology, data and mobile media business following its adoption of SAP's SuccessFactors Human Capital Management application suite.

Terragon Group, one of the leading digital media focused business groups in Africa, has utilized the power of cloud-based Human Capital Management solutions in its bid to retain scarce top talent.

Terragon Group CEO, Mr. Elo Umeh
According to an Africa-wide research report into talent trends by EY, West African professionals consider recognition of performance as the number one driving factor behind their employers' ability to retain them as employees. This, coupled with a previously onerous and time-consuming manual process, led The Terragon Group to adopt the market-leading SuccessFactors suite of applications.

Michael Etukudoh, Senior Talent and Office Resource Executive at Terragon Group, says they wanted a system that could automate and track core HR processes. "Since we implemented SAP's SuccessFactors, the average approval time for any workflow in the system has been reduced to a mere 8 minutes. All leave requests, assessments and approvals are now done within the system with only a few clicks, freeing our Talent office up to conduct more meaningful employee engagement activities and increase talent retention within the group."

The SuccessFactors implementation was managed by Oryx Computer Systems, a long-standing SAP partner in West Africa. According to project lead Tayo Adegbola, Terragon implemented two key SuccessFactors applications. "We deployed the Performance & Goals as well as the Employee Central applications to assist The Terragon Group with making the employee management process quicker and more efficient."

Brett Parker, CEO of SAP Africa, says that SuccessFactors inherently brings a healthy disruption to often staid HR processes. "The ease of use, quick implementation timeline and relative ease of training new users makes the SuccessFactors offering irresistible. Large multinational corporations such as NestlĂ©, Airtel and Coca-Cola have all experienced its talent management and retention benefits. The success of the Terragon Group implementation shows that African companies of any size can utilize the power of our cloud-based Human Capital Management solutions to win the talent war in this Digital Economy."  

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