BrandArena: PlayStation VR To Launch October 13

Tuesday 14 June 2016

PlayStation VR To Launch October 13

Mark your calendars, video game fans. Sony has finally confimed Monday it will launch its PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR ) headset on October 13, with 50 games slated to release between day one and the end of the year.

The electronics giant rolled out new details on the VR platform for its PlayStation 4 video game console during a press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

PlayStation VR will be available for $399, or $499 as part of a bundle with a PS4 camera and PlayStation Move controllers.

Along with the timing on hardware, Sony revealed several experiences players will enjoy on their VR platform, including action game Farpoint, Batman Arkham VR and a Star Wars Battlefront expansion where players can fly an X-Wing.
Sony said that Resident Evil 7, coming in January, will be playable in VR from “start to finish.” It also announced that a Batman virtual reality game, from Arkham developer Rocksteady, would come to PlayStation VR in October. There will also be a Final Fantasy XV “VR experience” on PlayStation VR, which is a… first-person shooter? Strange but true.

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