BrandArena: Nigerian Developer Community, Devcenter launches Job Site

Saturday 18 June 2016

Nigerian Developer Community, Devcenter launches Job Site

Devcenter, an online community for Nigerian software developers has announced the launch of ‘Devcenter Jobs’. Devcenter jobs is a solution to bridge the gap between clients who need software developers on projects and developers who need clients. The site can be accessed via the URL

Devcenter has always served as an intermediary between Nigerian developers and clients. We have matched several developers in our community with over 20 clients on a wide range of projects from mobile to web applications. The site is currently in Beta and will go live on the 17th of June 2016.

For proper client-developer finance, Devcenter will handle all transactions including invoicing and payments so clients only pay for work properly done. All developers on the platform are ranked by peer-review ratings from the community and ratings from clients. This keeps both parties satisfied.

JeNika Mukoro at nTel, who has sourced a developer from Devcenter said "From the outset, we found the developer’s approach to the work to be of a particularly high standard. His responses to our issues were second to none. We greatly appreciate his structured and professional manner. Thank you Devcenter for going over and above and for the amazing support throughout the entire process."
Akin Falomo, Co-founder of Devcenter said: "Through the years, we’ve gotten hundreds of developer requests within the community. There are only so many requests we can manually fulfill .We decided to create Devcenter jobs to scale this process. Nigerian developers are at par with the rest of the world. It’s time to get these jobs.

"As an alternative service, clients who don’t have the experience or time to manage a software team can hire Devcenter to deliver their project. They create a project from the site, include a deadline and will get a quote from the company in 24 hours".

Devcenter Jobs fits right into our plan to foster interaction within Nigeria’s growing software development community, validate developer skills and earn developers more money. Last year, we launched Square – a platform for developers to work on open source projects. There have been 3 major projects since its inception with over 100 developers working on them.

Interested parties can post jobs or request a quote from Devcenter at

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